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  • 11/05/18--20:20: Y'hello
  • Hello, i'm of course new here... I hope we can all get along. 

    Hopefully i don't cause trouble, doubt i will.
    Anyway, hope you'll accept me.  Pokemon

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  • 11/06/18--07:24: some sonic sprite edits
  • just your bad sonic sprite edits  Rolleyes
    give me your GREAT opinions

    (please don't ask why it's unfinished, will finish more later):
    [Image: rNqrzAE.png]

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    Hello i need a little help with ripping the models from the game LittleBigPlanet. I extracted the data.farc and got these folders like qore, goty, and rares i also found this unused walker creature. In the mesh_library if anyone can help me with the .mol files and convert them into obj and i also want to use this files for source games like Garry's Mod and upload them into models-resource thanks bye!

    P.S I have proof of the thing

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    I know this is a weird question to ask but, has anybody seen this picture and point me to where to find it? After the August 8th Smash Bros direct somebody posted a really cool picture of Simon Belmont fighting King K. Rool in the original Castlevania NES style. I've looking for a really long time and can't find it anywhere Sad . If this helps K. Rool was in the jumping pose form the final boss on the right with Simon on the left in the final boss stage. If anybody can help me find this I would really apprentice it! Wink

    Found what the unedited version was if that helps at all,
    [Image: Castlevania_Stage_18_screen_2.png]

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    I try to get meshes from and Android game  i have laso configured the proxy and the emulator and now i get the logs files but i don't know what im suppose to do!

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  • 11/11/18--16:52: Curious Village HD
  • So i checked the files for the mobile port of Professor layton and the curious village apk and i dont think the sprites are in the base files.
    when you launch the game for the first time there is a required update, so im assuming your downloading the sprites from this update.
    But im unsure where the files are downloaded to.

    Dunno if anyone knows a way to find hidden files on an android?
    first time ever dealing with something like this

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  • 11/07/18--00:33: Model format conversion
  • Okay, so I am relatively new to the modding community and was wondering how difficult it would be to convert my model which is in a .nud format (Smash 4) to a more program-friendly 3D model. (obj. dae. etc) I attempted to use 3DS Max, but it appeared that my machine was unable to run it. Any suggestions? If necessary I could submit the file.

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    I actually try to rip models from a xbox 360 game, but im stuck with a bunch of unown files....
    These are the file format:
    .XBD .XSI .XVD 

    I'm stuck here just looking at this files, 
    no one knows what they are.

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    I actually try to rip models from a xbox 360 game, but im stuck with a bunch of unown files....
    These are the file format:

    I'm stuck here just looking at this files, 
    no one knows what they are.


    I found something here, but im too noob to understand what i have to do....

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    Going into this I knew there were already a lot of attempts to RE this game's file formats, but nobody succeeded(maybe someone did, but didn't post any info). So I tried poking around myself.

    1. data and dict files
    Data contains actual data and dict files are like archive headers and contain some basic info about the files. 
    So the basic structure of a dict file is(there's alot of things missing from here tho):

    • byte[4] Signature           //0x0 Looks like a section signature, always "X$у©" in ASCII
    • byte[2] idk                    //0x4 Two bytes, seem to usually have same values between different files(but I might be wrong on that)
    • byte isCompressed         //0x6 Compression flag, if 0x0 - no compression, 0x1 - ZLib
    And pretty much nothing else I could understand. There also seems to be another signature "ђ%Ѕx", but I couldn't find out what values in it do either.

    That section is followed by the file content table. The items seem to be layed out strangely and most of the values are unknown to me, but each item contains uncompressed length of the file it corresponds to.
    The data file can contain other sections, which seem to have some more file info

    2. 0x01130002, 0x20700212 and PУwй
    These sections seem like containers inside the .data files.
    A decompressed data file usually starts with 0x01130002 sections. Their size is const 0x18. Purpose unknown. Then there's usually "PУwй"(the string might be different in some other text encoding) sections, size is const 0x38. Both seem to contain something related to the actual files, because there's always the same count of both of these sections(e.g. if there're 31 0x01130002 sections, then there will be 31 PУwй sections) in any data file they exist in.
    0x20700212 seems to be just a simple container, containing a single file. Has a signature followed by the contained file size in bytes. Then there's 0 padding to the next 16 byte boundary where the actual file starts.

    3. NLOC
    NLOC - Next-level LOCalization(?) files contain text strings. You can extract these with RoadrunnerWMC's python script(look for it in his gihub gist)

    4. NMLB
    NMLB - Binary Luigi's Mansion N-something (reversed because little endian). IDK what it is, but I just simply came across this signature while browsing some of the files in the hex editor

    4. Audio
    The audio is stored in wwiseaudio folder. You might thing that wwise-unpacker might extract these, but it fails. The reason is that despite there files being the standard .bnk and .pck variety. The reason wwise-unpacker fails is that these contain audio compressed with the same compression as BCSTM files (PCM-8/PCM-16/DSP ADPCM/IMA ADPCM).

    So, that's all I could find myself. I think there might be another layer of encryption/compression applied to some data files, but I might be wrong.
    P.S. Bonus: in the code.bin there is a string referring to "DS Horror". Seems like they didn't have ideas on how to name the thing or just used this name as a placeholder until they came up with "DualScream"

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    I want to develop a small browser game using ripped-off sprites.
    I see a lot of people using the resources on this website for this exact purpose.

    But aren't the owners of the copyrights suing people that make a game using their assets?
    And what are the conditions under which these resources can be used? Free of course but other than that, can they be available for download, or put on a website?

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  • 11/13/18--18:02: question about rules
  • I have a question about the rule about requesting.I'm new here and I was wondering if it is okay to post a comment about adding a certain model or group of models.

    EXAMPLE: "can someone please add the models for the ______ here?"

    is that against the rules Thinking? I'm kind of confused.

    I heard that memes are banned or something, is that true? Thinking

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    So i've been screwing around with the madoka psp game files using a cpk and bms script for the games pac files, and have pretty much come across everything but the actual character models xD. I managed to find the witch models and for came across Kyubey as well.

    .jpg   download.jpg (Size: 7.81 KB / Downloads: 3)

    .jpg   download (1).jpg (Size: 10.03 KB / Downloads: 4)
    ^And whatever the heck this thing is

    .jpg   download (2).jpg (Size: 21.05 KB / Downloads: 2)

    ^From what i recall in magia record, this is Kyoko's Witch form? I might be wrong this. These are just a few of what i've gotten so far, i also managed to start ripping all the labyrinth models which are seperated into alot of small pieces. I just legit can't find the actual character models.

    But as time goes on and i start getting the stage models all put together and stuff i'll post more screenshots and stuff once i have a decent amount to post at once.

    Mini-Update Lol a fast update, i have no clue what the actual frick nuggets this thing is but it's a witch or something idk anymore but i thought i'd show it off here.
    .jpg   download (3).jpg (Size: 6.61 KB / Downloads: 2)
    Also i just finished ripping the maps for What i assume are Mami and Kyoko's Witch forms or something. The pac files for those maps had their names in them respectively so. i'll work on getting those setup.

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    Hey everyone,
    I'm very new here. For the last few days I've been trying to rip environmental assets from Destiny 2.
    The game is free in the Blizzard app and after I started playing it I fell in love with the environments and I would love to use some of the assets for personal purposes.
    So I looked up how to rip assets from games, specifically Destiny 2, and came across these threads: - Only discusses weapons and other items. - I filled in the keys and the nonce init and compiled the C++ file but couldn't make it work. - I tried NinjaRipper but Destiny 2 has to be run from the Blizzard app and I couldn't manage to simulate this through NR. There is an alternative option to make NR listen to a certain version of DirectX but Destiny 2 seems to run on DirectX 12 which is not supported by NR.

    Literally any form of help is GREATLY appreciated.

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    Browse this page for more detais>>

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    I have tried  to rip the mesh in game but the mesh and the textures are missing for some reason and the weird fact about that is i have ripped the entire game with Asset studio 2.0 but all i have is default asset and game scripts , material and UI animation clipboard

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  • 11/14/18--15:06: quality rigs
  • helllo,
    i'm a pro rigger and i'm currently working on a maya toon Link rig.I'll share it with you when it's done.
    just wanted to say thanks,this website is awesome.
    I hope some ripping from pokemon let's go is coming,i would love to do a good pikachu and bulbasaur rig,or maybe more if i have time.
    see you soon

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