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    Hey guys, I'm delving head first into the world of ripping by tackling a Unity Game (Revolt 3 to be more precise) and so far I've had moderate success in exporting some race tracks into .obj format and opening them on Blender. Main goal is to eventually port them to another game.

    Since Im a complete beginner on this I'll try to explain everything as good as possible, so bear with me here. Wink

    So, models I've managed to rip so far using a sequence of UABE, Unity Studio along with uTiny Ripper include a set of "Combined Mesh(root_scene).obj" files. These .obj files provide the basis of each track/level and have only a handful of models placed in them. On the other hand, I'm also able to get a set of individual, loose models of what I assume are objects placed around the track, which are rendered in their place only when the game runs.

    I cant combine these to get an overall view of how everything fell into place in game, but I can however preview the entire mounted scene by using Unity. My problem right now is that I have no clue how to export the entire mesh it and keep everything in place...

    This is how the scene looks by the way:

    [Image: VmHJUbb.png]

    I just want to rip this specific mesh,and not everything associted with it (like effects, materials and all that stuff).

    Any help is much appreciated! Wink

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    Is there a dumping ground for Music ripps thats more practical than uploading to a file sharing site?

    Im aware of the copyright reasons as to why it cant be posted to this site

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    Can somebody give me a tutorial how i rip Smash bros fighter models?
    (or somebody rip ROCool

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    Does anyone to find WarioWare Gold sounds?

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    [Image: 40339.png]
    i've been trying to make this into an animated gif but what i have been told:

    1) aliased the sprites
    2) bounded them oddly
    3) allowed the bounding lines to actually overlap the sprites at places.

    can anyone fix it so it'd be easier to rip and make into animated gif

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    i've been trying to make a animated gif of this sheet but according a friend

    1) aliased the sprites
    2) bounded them oddly
    3) allowed the bounding lines to actually overlap the sprites at places

    can someone fix it to make it easier to trim (same size, etc)? please contact me asap
    [Image: 40339.png]

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  • 12/14/18--01:48: Persona Q2 model dump
  • This game mostly uses NW4C (bcmdl, bcres, ...) stuff, but packaged in other containers.
    With the help of a program I made to parse these, I batch-extracted the models and animations in DAE and SMD (animations) format and I would like to share the rips with people who are interested in either using them or uploading them to the site.
    Models in source format (bcmdl) can be provided if requested, or optionally ripped with the tool yourself.

    Source: Will be posted at a later date

    Model dump
    Ripping tool

    Persona Q2 by Atlus
    Modified Ohana3DS Rebirth by gdkchan
    Modified ctpktool by polaris-
    AtlusScriptLibrary by TGE
    AtlusFileSystemLibrary by TGE
    DDS3ModelLibrary by TGE

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  • 12/14/18--01:58: Persona Q2 2D graphics dump
  • This game mostly uses CTPK, SPR3 (TGA container), TMX stored in various containers.
    With the help of a program I made to parse these, I batch-extracted the 2d graphics in PNG format and I would like to share the rips with people who are interested in either using them or uploading them to the site.

    Source: Will be posted at a later date

    Textures dump
    Ripping tool

    Persona Q2 by Atlus
    Modified Ohana3DS Rebirth by gdkchan
    Modified ctpktool by polaris-
    AtlusScriptLibrary by TGE
    AtlusFileSystemLibrary by TGE
    DDS3ModelLibrary by TGE

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    Hey I hope this isn't against the community rules, but I thought you guys might find it useful!

    MoCap Online is having a sale on their awesome 3D character animations, offering 30% off of everything on their site!

    Check it out and please let me know if you find any other good deals this year Smile

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  • 12/15/18--03:54: hh-hewwo?
  • hey everyone!! u can just call me screamr
    made this account to comment on something, lmao.. but i will probably do more than that
    i am a (bad) musician and a (pretty ok) visual artist and sometimes i use bideo game sounds for samples, lol
    perhaps someday, if i do learn how to, i will contribute to the website myself Cute

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  • 12/15/18--06:17: How to color vertices?
  • I am ripping some Sonic Mania stage models, and I am confused at how to color the vertices correctly. I already have converted the models to both STL and OBJ formats, yet they appear colorless.

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  • 12/15/18--08:19: The Custom Sprites.
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    Hi guys,
    I'm new to model ripping and here's what happened:
    So i was ripping a model from New Super Mario Bros Wii and after i exported the model as a DAE file on BrawlBox, i re-exported it in Blender because the textures weren't showing in other model editing programs.
    After i did that, the results weren't as expected.
    [Image: Cattura.png]
    How can i fix it?

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  • 12/15/18--11:40: favour please
  • could some kind person plz cut the middle out plz with the treads on it so its hollow but leave the outside intact pretty plz with cherrys on top

    sorry want let me upload the file

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    I'm trying to get the Fushigi no Dungeon: Fūrai no Shiren GB2: Sabaku no Majō (不思議のダンジョン 風来のシレンGB2 砂漠の魔城) sprites for the Shiren the Wanderer wiki. Everywhere I look, nobody is able to help me rip them. 

    Would anybody here be able to help me obtain this game's sprites?

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    Hello, I have been able to rip and unpack .cpk files from Danganronpa: Another Episode. It seems the resulting files are encrypted(?) in .bnc format. Does anyone have some pointers or tips on how I could open or convert these files to something I can work with?

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  • 12/16/18--10:40: Not anymore thumbnails?
  • Hello! 
    I just noticed this morning while searching for some sprites that the search engine was different, There's no thumbnails for the results anymore.

    It's just a list of texts/links.
    This is really harder to search something with this setting. Is it normal? Or a bug?

    Thank you.

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  • 12/16/18--13:28: M.U.G E.N.
  • Hey Yo.

    I need help. My name is Andrew MacGyver and I want to post M.U.G.E.N. sprites here.
    I have them and would like to upload them here for easy access to anyone.

    Are there any regulations I should know about regarding M.U.G.E.N. sprites ?
    As well if I can upload them how do I create I new profile/game for said sprites ?

    Thanks to y'all again,


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    Hi, here I am introducing a different topic to all readers who visit here. What are the benefits of games? Most of people think that there is nothing benefit or none usage by a game. Many of says that, playing video game or computer game is wasting time and unnecessary one. But here I am going to say that there have many benefit in games. American psychology Institution proved this. Game can

    • Improves coordination. ...
    • Improves problem-solving skills. ...
    • Enhances memory. ...
    • Improves attention and concentration. ...
    • It is a great source of learning. ...
    • Improves the brain's speed. ...
    • Enhances multitasking skills. ...
    • Improves social skills.
    You can add your own answers below here below. This is very simple and short answer.

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    Hey guys! I'm trying to rip models and such from Looney Tunes: World Of Mayhem, and just like a majority of games on Mobile, it uses downloaded data cached and loaded into the app itself. I've managed to find a list of all the assetbundle files, but I need the URL of the host in order to get them.  I have come across this with Fiddler however: so it's a start.

    I already posted this issue on the Discord server, but I'm posting it here, as well, so that I can easily refer back to it. Thanks!

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