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The VG Resource - https://www.vg-resource.com

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    i've been wondering hot rip these game for wile now so yea thhat would be help full! Wink

    .png   106553.png (Size: 19.63 KB / Downloads: 2)

    .png   14769.png (Size: 6.58 KB / Downloads: 3)

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    Hello, I wanted to extract the sounds of the mobile game "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Records Reversal" because it contains some voice lines and sounds effects coming straight from the anime. However, I do not know how to extract them. I've extracted the game's files from the Nox android emulator and I've attached it here (you'll have to extract the file in a folder directly if you're using WinRaR because it shows the compressed file as empty for some reason from my end at least). It contains a bunch of BYTES files, I can't specifically say where the sounds files are Sad

    Thank you for your help Smile

    Apprently, I forgot to include the files, so here it is https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-2N25j...bn_m5-XRkj (it's almost 2 Gb) / And i've f-ed up my post title, here's the corrected title : I need help to extract the sounds files from the game "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Records Reversal"

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    I've completed all of the cutscene dialogue in Kingdom Hearts 1! The cutscenes are organised by world, and then by the cutscene name(s), taken from the official 'Theater Mode' from Kingdom Hearts 1.5 (PS4). Although, the 'Final Mix' additional cutscenes are NOT included! The cutscenes will be available, when approved, in the Sounds Resource as the .zip files are too large to attach to this post. This took me several hours to complete, so I would appreciate it if you would check out my YouTube channel, linked on my profile, and maybe show some support!

    Anyways, enjoy!


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    I have completed all (I think) of the sound effects for Kingdom Hearts 1 (PS2). However, I did come across an unfamiliar group of sound effects, labelled 'dh' for a world, so if anyone knows what these letters stand for, please reply, so I can upload them accordingly!

    In addition, recently, I have been scouring the files of this game for the menu sound effects, which I can't seem to find. If anyone knows where they are located in the game files, notify me!

    Also, since I have almost completed all of the sounds for Kingdom Hearts 1, I was wondering if anyone is interested in using the Japanese sounds for this game, because I don't want to go through the trouble of extracting them if not many people want them. So I've left a poll on this thread. So go vote if you want them!

    Have a good day!

    PS: Once again, I have not attached the sound effects to this thread, as the files are too large to be attached. Anyways, there's no point in attaching them when they will be available on the official resource shortly!

    Big Grin

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    If I might request, can I get a clear image of the gas station interior from Night in the Woods? I'm doing an art request for a client and I'd love to have the gas station included in it.

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  • 11/28/19--13:26: Kingdom Hearts 1
  • These are the voice files for Sora, extracted from Kingdom Hearts 1.



    .zip   Sora (KH).zip (Size: 935.19 KB / Downloads: 9)

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  • 11/28/19--17:57: Spiral Mountain GBC
  • I've been developing a series of GBC style Banjo Kazooie sprites, based on the unreleased Grunty's Curse. I already released the Mumbo's Mountain sheet, and now I'm making one for Spiral Mountain. But I want to make sure it looks good. How does this look? Anything I could improve on?

    .png   spiral mountain gbc.png (Size: 10.62 KB / Downloads: 8)

    .png   spiral mountain gbc tileset.png (Size: 24.24 KB / Downloads: 15)

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    I have made these sprites of a jellyfish from Spongebob. What do you think and what can I do to make it better.
    Here is a gif

    .gif   Jellyfish.gif (Size: 33.95 KB / Downloads: 8)

    .png   Jellyfish.png (Size: 3.57 KB / Downloads: 3)

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  • 12/04/19--18:06: Sonic 2 Advanced Edit
  • Can anyone rip the zone of Sonic 2 Advanced Edit

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  • 12/05/19--00:12: [OOT3D] .cmab files
  • So I know that the .cmab files contain the textures for the different facial expression but I was really just wondering if they were able to be ripped at all? I've searched for this answer for awhile and it just seems like there isn't a way to do it at the moment, unless there is? I found one thing where a guy was working on something to extract those files in like 2017 i think but they like disappeared i think, but other than that I don't even see it mentioned often.

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  • 12/05/19--05:37: C4D vs OBJ+MTL problem
  • I'm having some trouble to use obj and mtl files in Cinema 4D. When opening (with import mtl files), the character's texture is never applied in the right way. It is either black, not there or just wrongly placed on the character.
    I found that only dae files will correctly combine model and texture together, but sadly only some models include dae files.

    Is there a way to open correctly a obj and mtl file on c4d or some way to convert it to dae?

    Thanks Cute

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  • 12/05/19--09:12: Ecks vs Sever textures
  • Is there a way to rip Ecks vs. Sever (GBA) textures? I tried looking into the tiles but the only thing you can see is the rendered frame

    .png   Ecks.png (Size: 102.6 KB / Downloads: 2)

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    I want to rip models from new game Doraemon story of seasons and please anyone help me with this

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    okay so, I used to rip from Honkai Impact 3rd, and at the start of this year the ripping guide (https://www.vg-resource.com/thread-31141.html) worked just fine, I was able to find the assets and rip mesh and skeletons just fine.

    for the past 3 days however, I've been unable to locate the assets, and I need some help. please!

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  • 12/06/19--01:57: Secret Santa 2019
  • Secret Santa 2019!

    Another year, another Secret Santa! Even though the community has changed a LOT in the last decade, I still try and keep this tradition up Smile

    A recap of the rules: each person who signs up has to make a gift for another person who has signed up. Everybody knows who they're making a gift for, but nobody knows who is making a gift for them. The gift can be pretty much anything. Traditionally most people make drawings, but it can also be a poem, song, animation, video, even a game. It doesn't have to be amazing either, as long as you made it yourself, put some effort in, and have fun!
    Once you're done you PM the gift to me, and at the end I'll reveal all the gifts and who they're for. We're obviously not revealing who made what (that spoils the secrecy part), so be sure not to sign your gifts Tongue

    This thread is for signing up to the event; just post here saying you want in! You might also want to give a little list of your interests or things you like, to give your Secret Santa some ideas for how to theme their gift.
    Please sign up only if you're confident you'll actually be able to make your gift in time. It's not nice to get a gift without making one!

    The sign up deadline is December 9th, 3am PST (6am EST), then I will PM everybody whom they're making their gift for. The deadline for the gifts will be December 24th, 3am PST (6am EST), and I will aim to reveal them early on the 25th. If you have suggestions for these dates to change around, feel free to let me know.

    People who have signed up (names linked to their post):
    Nobody Embarassed

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  • 12/06/19--05:57: Kingdom Hearts 2
  • Hello,

    I've moved on to 'Kingdom Hearts 2' sounds now! This is the thread that I will be posting my progress on. So far, I've done all the battle voices, which are currently awaiting review.

    Stay tuned for more!

    Note: If a moderator is reading this, the 'Roxas' voice I submitted should not have the '(KH2)' at the end. Thank you!


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    Well, I first asked this here, but only noticed that requests are only to be posted here, so.

    I'm just looking for the character icons that appear at the very beginning of the game. It's the time when the game asks the typical "are you a boy or a girl?" on the Pokémon games, only this time, you have a set of pre-set characters to choose from.

    Specifically, from this screen (screenshot from a stream):

    [Image: AzVSRzz.png]

    Also, I'm sorry for commenting over there first than here. I think the grayed out text changed since the last time I read, I don't know.


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    so i have gotten into the olympic files now i am stuck on the skeleton format and the skeleton format is skl.pxd then when i convert .model file to fbx using the modeltofbx it ends up like this any ideas? [Image: attachment.png]

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    Can someone help me with extracting models from Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs for PC? I tried NinjaRipper, and that works, but the meshes are out of place and need manual moving, and i suck at that. Can someone provide me with a tool to extract models from an EngineX game, and make the models work for SFM? I need the models on SFM so that they can be on the Workshop.

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  • 12/07/19--21:17: Hey Listen
  • Before anyone asks yes thats a Navi reference from Ocarina Of Time

    honestly, i made an account in hopes some one would make a Shadow beast (Twili searcher/Assassin if you want to get technical) screech, but while i'm still waiting on that, i've manged to find several other zelda game sounds, if you cant tell i'm a massive legend of zelda fan been playing since since i was 7, Twilight Princess is my favorite game in franchise along Wind Waker being my second. I do also like Fate The Traitor Soul, Aura Kingdom, Skyrim, (without mods) Splatoon, Smash Bros, a lot of fantasy games basically, other than that, not much more to say than 


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