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Super Mario Eclipse

[Image: mPe9Aic.png]

The eclipse stars, a source of mythical powers, have been unleashed upon the world. As a result, the entire Mushroom Kingdom has been shrouded in the shadows of an everlasting eclipse. It is up to Mario to collect these stars, and save everyone from an eternal twilight.

Sugoro Quest/other obscure RPGs

Hey I'm back and I'm doing a few rips on the Nes game. Sugoro Quest.

I really liked the detail on some of the enemies, its shows you can have good sprite work without many colors. Others not so much, but oh well.
Its not ready yet, but I'll have an updated sheet/icon for it before the end of this year.

[art]Psychospacecow, the person who forgets to update a lot.

I don't post too much online but if I can show off I will.Big Grin
These come from my Deviantart account.

[Image: sketches___aura_golem_by_goldfisharmada-d6q92b0.jpg]

[Image: the_bmr___bullpup_marksman_rifle_by_gold...6h35xh.jpg]

[Image: chains_of_the_beast_by_goldfisharmada-d5tb7ke.jpg]

[Image: adapt_o_bot__legacy_of_humanity_by_goldf...5lmdqb.jpg]


I've been helping out with this game art wise for a few months, so that's partially why I don't have so much on my DeviantArt account, but you can find some of my stuff there as well. Its all concept stuff though.

and I doubt it'd really be in high demand around here, but I make mediocre signatures.
[Image: qgXSp8F.jpg]
One of the mods on The VGFacts site requested this.

Also, a game I was working on but never really went through with due to lack of support and my technical ineptitude,
[Image: O0kNPM9.jpg]
(Those are spirits, I was trying to make them low detail, like if they were losing themselves in death)(It explains in more detail on the actual page but I haven't touched this in months)

Hello people of the Spriting World!

I really don't know what else to say honestly. Dazz knows me, but probably not in a good light. So, wuzzup people?

The Urbz: Sims in the city

Hello everyone!
This is something I've realized isn't to big on the site.


The sims!!!
I've been wanting to rip from the Urbz forever.
Only issue is, I'm not sure which console is best to rip it from.
As far as I know it is hard to rip from xbox.
I either wanted to have it ripped from PS2 or GameCube.
Either I need someone to help me do it,
or have someone do it for me (cause I'm not good with directions and my computers been acting funky.)
I only wanted to rip characters and the different levels, not items, as I don't think this site uploads individual character customization items.
anyways, that's all for now.

and since it's thanksgiving today,
Happy thanksgiving!

Chrono Trigger bikes and epoch

As some of you may have noticed, i started to completely rip Chrono Trigger on snes. However, i had some problem with the 2300ad bike race and the 360 view of epoch during one of the ending. The thing is, those sprites are scaled by the game, arent made in mode 7 and what is shown in the ram is the same as in game. So i have no way to get the original sprites.
Is there a chrono trigger pro out here that know how i should proceed?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving tVGR! To celebrate this great day we should all go around and post what we're thankful for, as if we were sitting at one big internet dinner table.

I'll go first: I'm thankful for being thankful!

Saint Seiya Brave Soldiers

Does anyone have interest in ripping the models of this game ? (Is it possible ?)

I am new in this process of getting 3D models of games. I recently discovered how to do in smash bros brawl and pokemon. But no experience at all with PS3 games.

Anyone have any clue/interest ?

Thanks in advance

What do you want for Christmas?

It's now after midnight, meaning that it's now officially Black Friday, meaning that it's now officially the first day of the Christmas season!

What are you nerds wishing for this year?

Interesting or other facts you know?

My mom knows spiders are not insects but arachnids.

Facts I know:

X comes before Z in the alphabet.

Z comes after X in the alphabet.

Styx is not spelled alphabetically because
X comes before Y in the alphabet.

Y comes after X in the alphabet.

Z comes after Y in the alphabet.

Y comes before Z in the alphabet.

Dr. Pepper is much healthier than Dr. Pepper Ten.

There is not one country on the entire planet that does not have tattooed women named Stephanie.

In all 50 states of North United States of America
there are tattooed women named Stephanie.

Zelda Williiams who is Robin Williams' daughter is named Zelda because of The Legend of Zelda.

Almost every single product that claims to be healthier for you than the original such as Lite, Diet etc. are actually much worse for you than the original.

84876C70 is a Pro Action Replay code
for Breath of Fire for Super Nintendo Entertainment System
that lets characters walk through walls and other things
but if used outside in game and you let go of directional pad, you will have to restart game because characters will keep moving until you reset or go into a fight and then turn off the code.

Blizzard Man is my most favorite
Mega Man VI for Nintendo Entertainment System

Seth Gold is the only Hardcore Pawn show member where
the first and last name of such person
does not repeat one single letter.

Carrots are high in carbs.

People have won over 2000 dollars on Roulette before.

If you could fold a sheet of paper
5000 times that paper would go well beyond Planet Saturn.

Lisa Simpson is my most favorite character of the cartoon called
The Simpson's.

Blizzard Buffalo is my most favorite character in
Mega Man X3 for Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

If you stretched all of the DNA of all people who searched on the following 5 search engines
their DNA would stretch from the earth to alphi centauri
more than 13 times.

ROCKY V is my most favorite movie.

ROCKY IV is my least favorite ROCKY movie which I still like and also love and also enjoy very super much.

In GML (Game Maker Language) it is possible to do if relative properly with error, errors etc.

The word awesomest contains 9 characters of text.

Dead Reckoning

Now, I apologize in advance if this is against this area's rules, I wasn't really sure if it would be or not, but I've been helping out to make a game on this site called GameSprout for a few months now. I'm posting because its been a little slow of recent and was wondering what people actually thought of the game, you know, past the people actually working on it.


Its a zombie strategy game called Dead Reckoning.

The story centers around The Greek Angel of Death, Thanatos.

This is a mock-up of the intro writing.

Long has he, The Angel of Death, brooded since his humiliation at the hands of the warrior god. Having been confined mortal in the eyes of men, Thanatos was forced into seclusion in the deepest bowels of hell with his brother, Hypnos, but unlike the fool he lived with, Death does not stay content in eternal rest. It must cause devastation when it strikes, changing the tides of power in its wake. a relic was passed unto the mortal realm as Thanatos worked, and unto the world his curse lay, years upon years passing. In the coming years, Thanatos took sport in placing "hints" as to the relic's location, so that the power or fame hungry who he so easily could manipulate would seek it. On June 13th of 2014, an archeologist, humanity's great cartographer of the old world, stumbled across Thanatos's plan. This is where you come in, dear lordly lich. For it is now that the apocalypse begins.

My job has been character design and story work.
I'm not the only one who has been doing such, but I'm the only person currently working on it. I'm posting more than just my work. You can tell because I'm not so great at this.

Zombies ( a little gruesome )
The only person who's been doing programming is Rpunako, the guy who actually owns the idea. Here is our most recent demo.

Its still in Alpha at the moment so its not uber-polished or anything, but its there.

Its not really at that point yet, but if you've ever played Majesty, we're planning on making the zombie system similar to how bounties worked, where the horde acted on its own but you could place priorities as incentive.

Here's some details on the special zombies, aberrations, and other factors that affect units.

So, thoughts?

Mission details (big) (not all of them)
Mission descriptions (big) (all of them)

Build your own computer

The VG Resource Advent Calendar

It's getting close to Christmas, so I thought of a try fun project to do. I am putting it in the Spriting and Pixel Art section for now, but once it get approved, could you put it into the Spriting Project section if you think it qualifies.

Anyway, the gist of this project is to try to make a sprite for each of the 25 days until Christmas. Even though you could use stuff from other games (i.e. Santa Link, Bowser as a Christmas elf), I think it would be best to use themes and characters from the VG Resource. Be creative and be sure to spread some Christmas cheer!

Even though it's still November, I decided to start the project off with this festive sprite with three levels of AA (take your pick).

[Image: ChristmasGorsexp_zps62c27978.png?t=1385759828]

The Black Friday Deals!

Paying for Graphics for my MMORPG

Hi all,
I am currently working on an MORPG that can hold about 1500 players on its server at one time. I have a dilemna though, I am horrible at pixel art so I would like to hire one of you, if you are interested, to be the Head Graphic Designer for my Game. I want the graphics to be ORIGINAL and resemble "Thousand Memories" by Dazz
Thousand Memories[Image: 58170.png]

or like final fantasy 4 by Mirinia:
Finaly Fantasy IV[Image: 58252.png]
The spritesheets must:
1. resemble these
2. be in a top down format like pokemon, or the 2d legend of Zelda's
3 be quality
4.be original

If you are interested Respond to this post or PM me ASAP

Thank youBig Grin,

P.S. pay can be negotiated upon beginning job

[happy birthday]

Happy Birthday [robo9]! Or rather, [robo19] Wink

Sorry this is a bit late, but hope it was a good one nonetheless!

Separation Anxiety Stage 1 Enemies

How's it going, everyone? Today I've decided to submit a sheet I have worked an entire week on and want to share it with all of you.
I give you the enemies from Stage 1 of Spider-Man and Venom: Separation Anxiety (SNES Version):
[Image: J85MSrG.png]
I hope you guys enjoy!Wink Oh, and if I missed anything please don't hesitate to tell me.
EDIT: Added the Profile images as requested by Daemoth. Hopefully this sheet is now complete.

Shantae GBC Indoor Town Background Rips

Hello again, guys! Genki ^_^ Sorry I keep disappearing randomly like this, but I haven't been twiddling my thumbs! I've actually been recreating the original Shantae engine in Game Maker, for a lot of reasons, and as a result of that, it needs decent rips, which is rather lacking on this site.

Which I've sought to resolve myself! I've ripped nearly all of the background art from the original Shantae, and I'm still compiling most of it into usable sheets, but for the moment, I do at least have rips for indoor rooms for all five towns compiled into one.

Direct Link to Sta.sh : http://fc05.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2013/3...6w8836.png

[Image: shantae_indoors_rips_by_mr_glaceon-d6w8836.png]

EDIT : Crap, why do I always forget to make the icon for these things? Included it in the post now.

[Image: BGicon.png]

My only concern is that I've made the conscious decision to only rip them in the original GBC palette, when most everything in the Shantae section is ripped in the "enhanced" GBA mode palette. Honestly, the GBA palette was designed specifically for that awfully dark LCD screen of the original GBA models, so the colors would pop out more, but for modern LCD's? The game looks badly washed out and nearly bleeds into my eyes, even on minimum brightness.

I agree it still needs preservation too, but the original GBC palette is far more future proof, and it's actually the original palette. I hope this doesn't spark a minor case of controversy.

VGResource Pokédex Project: DESIGN

Here in the DESIGN topic we try to make a concept design and eventually final artwork for the ideas we came up with in the IDEA PITCH topic. Post pictures of what the Pokemon will look like. Since we are working together multiple people are allowed to draw up or add and change things that other people have done. Don't be afraid to critique other people's work.

Here is the current list of ideas we have:


I'll be adding more soon. in the meantime start submitting pictures and ideas for the Kiwi and it's evolutionary stages.

Secret Santa!

Heeeey VGR!

I'm here to bring some Christmas Spirit™ into the lands! That's right - it's Secret Santa Time!

Certainly most of you know what it is all about, but for those of you who're new to it and those who share my bad memory (Bill Gates was wrong when he said that 640k were enough for everyone), I'll explain the deal!
For Secret Santa, every participant will have to make a gift for another participant (sounds familiar, right). Those gifts can range from sprites over drawings to music and animations, they could even be a story, poem or game - anything goes that'll make the receiver happy! (Keep it save for work though - the forum rules apply, haha)

Here's the schedule!

Signup phase (until 6th December):
Post in this thread that you'd like to join the fun and want to make a christmas present for a fellow VGRian! You can also post a list of your interests as a hint so whoever gets to make you a present knows what you'd like! That could be your favourite video games, movies, books, food - anything that could help your Santa!
By signing up for Secret Santa, you make a promise to create a present - don't break that promise!

Manufactoring process (7th to 22nd December):
Once sign-ups are over, every participant will receive a PM telling them who they have to make a gift for. You've got two weeks to create something and send it to Chief Santa Previous so he can deliver them on Christmas! So check your recipient's list of hints and interests and come up with something cool to make them happy. It doesn't have to be big and fancy, but it shouldn't be nothing either - put some effort into it!
Don't forget to send in your gift in time!

Jolly Joy Day (~24th December (Christmas Eve)):
Presents will be handed out on Christmas! Don't miss the fun or you might, uh, miss something!

Don't forget, it's all about fun! Let us all have a great Christmas this year, alright?
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