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TheGameScythe's Texture Rips

[Image: hT7B4Z6.png]
Mario Kart Wii

Progress on Ripping all textures from Mario Kart Wii: 30% (||||||..............)


Your average toad from MFGG. Now on VG Resource.

Yep, it's Jaden1291 the Toad, this time straight from the Mario Fan Games Galaxy community.

I'm a filipino here, plus I do tilesets and spriting (a lot?) I'm also on Mario Fan Games Galaxy, even as FutureNyanCat on DeviantART and Twitter, and Jaden1291 on YouTube. Glad I'm happy to stay on VG Resource.

The Christmas Special topic

Tell us about the holiday TV classics you used to watch on the couch with your folks when you were a kid. Got any facts and stories that relate to them?

To kick things off, I'll talk about Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. I watched a lot of Christmas specials on a regular basis when I was still a little guy, but I had a lot of clear and fond memories with this one. I liked how the fur trees looked in it because the looked more like stacked umbrellas than actual trees.


This thread is for aspiring or seasoned modellers who want to help each other. I've noticed that people have interest in making 3D stuff so why not making a place for us? I hope to be a good role model in this thread.


I am getting used to modelling, I made a small teapot Smile

[Image: 51d374c8804735d8ebefd8082a1eac03.png]

I also attempted texturing: I made a 64x64 UV texture map and pasted them onto the surfaces. But I have come into a problem: how do I make the textures sharp-looking (no blur)? And how do I remove that faint pink line between the faces seeing that i selected the correct area? The handle is all weird also, idk how to fix that.

[Image: 418f3ae82ef33ba4b2ed86e657e06829.png]

(I half-assed the tile placements after a while oooops)

Christmas, time is, here again.

Christmas, time is, here again. Christmas, time is, here again. Christmas, time is, here again. Been around, since you know when!

Ahem. Anyway, welcome to The Christmas Resource. Enjoy it everyone, comes but only once a year!

Props to Gors for the banner image!


So, someone showed this site called SaltyBet over on the VGFacts site, and I did a bit of research. Apparently its a fighting game engine called Mugen, if what I found was correct. Has anyone around here messed with that? Its got my curiosity.

Here is the site.

Safety videos, others etc. you enjoy?

Chaochain Day

Happy birthday to Chaoxys and Keychain! Hope you guys both have a good day! Wink

[FANGAME][IDEA] Waluigi's Wanderful Life

so PK made this post and i liked it
(12-03-2013 02:56 AM)Phantom Killah Wrote:  A while ago I was joking around about a Waluigi game with my brother.

It opens in Waluigi's apartment. There's dirty laundry and some half eaten eggplants on the floor. On his walls are some photos of him hanging out with Wario; Waluigi is happy in the photos but Wario looks like he'd rather be somewhere else. There's a dartboard with a picture of Luigi's face pinned to it, but Waluigi has missed with every dart he's thrown. Waluigi has a large and well maintained trophy cabinet holding only a single participation ribbon from a tennis tournament.

Waluigi wakes up from sleeping on his couch, grabs his phone, and opens his contact list (Wario is the only entry). Then he calls Wario who of course doesn't pick up (again), realizes that he has absolutely nothing to do with his life today (again), and goes out to bum around town where he some how ends up on an adventure and humourously fails his way through the rest of the story

or something like that

so much that i requested to make a design draft for it
a design draft for a game centered around everyone's least favorite plumber, waluigi

so here i am


PLOT: Waluigi.

Another day, another pound lost. Waluigi rolls out of his sad, sweaty bed to check his calendar, only to find that his rent is due tomorrow..and he's a few dozen dollars short. Sadly, after Wario's rise to success as an independent game developer, he has little time for his former BFF, as he spends his afternoon rubbing butts with fellow game devs Mona and 9-Volt. Play a scintillating tale detailing a week in the life of the Mushroom Kingdom's least appreciated plumber, with an eclectic lineup of characters old and new.


Waluigi: Athlete. Procrastinator. Sycophant. The protagonist of this game. Follow this sorry sucker's boring days through Slogston, possibly one of the most depressing towns in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Wario: Game developer. Hoarder. Nosepicker. Childhood friends with Waluigi, the two share a common bond: they're both hardcore garlic enthusiasts. However, their friendship endures the ultimate test as Wario has moved on from hunting through job postings in the Slogston Tribune as he's now a successful game developer, enabling him to move to the posh town of Pyoroton.

The narrative moves to Wario sometime within the game, outlining the strain on the deep friendship between the two and dealing with the rest of the family problems.

Wadog: Newcomer. Not really. Wario's asshole dog. This depressing beagle pug (think Poochy from Yoshi's Island with a really ugly face) is so goddamn lazy it usually sits at Wario's feet most of the time...that is, unless he brings home money in any form, which at that point he'll promptly sniff it out and bury it somewhere in Wario's backyard.
You know that's why Wario needs a job so badly, right? It's because this son of a (literal) bitch keeps hiding Wario's goddamn money.

Wandaisy: Loud. Whiny. Trashy (but only when drunk ofc). Wario's guidette sister who lacks any skills whatsoever and, like Wario's friend Waluigi, is also out of a job (got fired from the Slogston DMV for poor customer service Sad) and always calls Wario asking for money, as she's too proud to file for unemployment. If you listen really closely when on the phone with her, you might be able to hear her chewing an entire pack of gum on the other side. Oh. And it's Wanda. Please call her Wanda if you value your genitals.

Gabon [the Gavon]: Wandaisy's asshole guido boyfriend with an eating disorder. Enjoys starting fights. Try to avoid this guy at all costs. He's an asshole. No, seriously.

Wompstro: Waluigi's pet hamster. Has a tendency to shit all over your house in exchange for helpful tips on what to do next with your meaningless life and exactly what products to use in order to get stains out of your carpets.

So, with such a downright boring game, what is there to do? Let me tell you!

Play SIX minigames! WOW!

- WORK OUT: An athlete can't sit on his ass forever, no! Get out there to the local 24-hour gym and work those muscles. Feel the burn on that elliptical! Show that shitlord musclehead Chargin' Chuck that you can lift those weights with those noodly Waluigi arms!

- GET THE MAIL: Go to your mailbox! Sort through mail! Pay bills! Wow!

- TEND TO YOUR HYGIENE: Wash your hair! Pick your nose! Clip your toenails! Amazing!

- BROWSE OKKOOPA: Visit the one-stop site to find love in the Mushroom Kingdom! Find your soulmate using OkKoopa's 50-question personality test which scans against a database of 12 possible matches!

- COOK: Don't starve please. Heat up some Hot Pockets and have a feast ready in 15 minutes or less! Gadzooks!

- SLEEP: Go the fuck to sleep and wake up the next morning. Incredible!

Gameplay generally progresses in a visual novel format, with decision-making paths to decide the fate of Waluigi in the miserable week that you know him for.

now, to actually do like, everything: flesh out the story more, add more cameos of existing characters, um, get people to help create things, etc.

ideas? criticism? oh my god share please

Submitting extracted sounds that differ from ingame?

Ok, small dilemma/question going on here.

As a result of viewing these videos, I really wanted to rip Flame Hyenard's battle voices for my own nefarious purposes. After several hours of wasted effort with programs that don't work, I finally managed to rip the raw audio using PSound (thanks, Jetters! Found it via a response of yours to an old thread Tongue).

Anyway, here's where the question comes in. It seems like the sounds I ripped are slower/lower-pitched than depicted in the videos. I'm not sure if this is a fault of the game itself or the fault of PSound. Should I submit the PSound versions or the 'fixed' versions I've made with a(n Audacity) speed shift of 8.117?

For comparison:
Default version
Edited version

Regardless of which I should upload, I figure I'll be making a "Sound Project" thread soon enough for MMX7 rips. I could provide both versions if required, I just want to know which one is technically correct.

Gats & Craps

so me and my buddy kev tried making this game a few years ago. it was a little teeny platformer game starring crappy and his character gatsby. i was a super inexperienced spriter back then, he was a super inexperienced programmer, and we also didn't have that many solid ideas for the game. that said, it didn't really go anywhere, though i made decent-sized sheets for both characters.
[Image: uEi31Zq.png]
[Image: h2fBv5r.png]
the sprites are still somewhat charming today for their goofiness, though they're not very competently made. the understanding of basic anatomy and animation is a little shoddy, and the colors are incredibly desaturated because i thought that looked nice at the time.

but i'm not here to showcase old shit. kev programmed a 2d physics engine from scratch in game maker, and it got our creative juices stirring.

[Image: Hnzn1AF.png]
[Image: weoGkD7.png]
(crappy looks a little different--explanation here)

we're trying the ol' gatscrap schtick again; this time with a better understanding of what we need to make the game... happen.

the new sprites for crappy are in the same dimensions as the old sprites, while gatsby's just been updated as appropriate. the only other limitations i've posed on myself is a max of 7 colors in each character's palette.

[Image: OCGc64y.gif][Image: aeglelg.gif]
[Image: yEnEtek.gif][Image: iH3TKuh.gif]
[Image: ApGTSkm.gif][Image: gauisBu.gif]
[Image: Ykddmdy.gif][Image: zRGs5zN.gif]

outside of this, kev's made a few enemy sprites that are still in the works, and we've tossed around a bunch of concepts. i'm about to enter finals week in my current college semester, so i probably won't be too active on this for a bit, but once that's passed, i plan on working on the two characters' jumping and attacking animations. that's why i'm posting these now, though; it'd be cool if i got a little input on these to make sure i've got good bases before i move forward with the more intricate animations.

criticism welcomed.

Power Rangers Sprite Rip Help

Hi, everyone! How's it going?

I am in need of some help ripping enemy sprites from the SNES version of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie, and here's the list of enemies I need to have ripped(In order of Stage Appearance):
Stage 4:
Rainbow-Sword Putty(With alternating sword palettes)
Machine Gun Putty
Stage 5:
Window Putty
Any and all help would be appreciated, guys.Wink

Ben Drowned Game

Hey, I'm sort of new to these forums and I was trying to make a request for the Elegy of Emptiness Link model. I've tried posting in the request section, but I can't for some reason, so I'm just going to let you guys in on our project to see if you guys could enlighten us with ideas of your own.

My brother and I have been working on a co-operative Zelda game based on the BEN drowned creepy pasta for quite some time now. It's been about two months since we've started the project, and we're running short on ideas for the game's story and mechanics.

The modified story takes place after the events of the original creepy pasta, where BEN curses Judusable by pulling him into cartridges' world, tying him together with it. Several years after this another person finds the lost cartridge and begins to play it. After realizing the game's odd behavior, BEN proceeds to pull him into the world as well, giving him the form of a new Link.

The game starts you off in a deep dark cave, where the Happy Mask Salesmen spots you and separates you into the number of people playing, giving each player their own color.

Here's a video of the project so far. I know, nothing much yet. It's hard to work around the limitations of Game maker. I wrote more in the video's description.


The Incredible Adventures Of Liam (Episode 1: Making A Movie)

Hi, it's me, Liam. I'm making a movie. *gunshot* Whoooaaa! *slide whistle* Augh. Ugh. I don't know what that was. Ugh. Wooh. Um, but anyway, I'm making my own movie, and um, I uh... I was just bored, so, yeah. So... let's go. Whoa, it's really-oh, sorry. It's really semen hot in here, ya know? Oh there's, fire goin' on over the place, ya know? Um, so right now, I'm in this uh, like... well I don't know why-where I am. I must be in like, the fire room or something. So... *chuckles* alright, we'll go to the next room, alright? And... here we go. What the? What happened here? Why am I looking like this? Hm... there's only one way to fix this. Hm... *double xylophone glissando* Aha, I know what to do! There, everything's back to normal! *chuckles* Well that's my video, and I'll see you later. See you later from the acre-incredible adventures of Liam. See you later bye! Whoops, sorry.

Mario & Luigi Dream Team sprites

I can't really "rip" them from the game, but, I've been able to replicate the sprites from the game through staff posts on Miiverse that are posted on the Mario Wiki. My first example of this is this sprite here:
[Image: mamplDTluigisprite_zps707044f3.png~original]

DonkeyKong Country 3 vs DonkeyKong Country 3

Remember Donkey Kong Country 3? Well, like all of the original Country games, it got a GBA remake, and it added an extra world and some other stuff, but there is one change that I didn't notice until I played the SNES version...the music.

The guy who composed the music for DKC1 and DKC2 returned to do the music for the GBA remake, instead of the other person who did the music on the original DKC3, so the whole soundtrack was replaced.
I think this was for the best because to me the SNES music didn't stand out much like the other two games, while the GBA music almost sounds like MP3s and the soundtrack is overall better IMO.

But what do you think?

Want to learn making characters in 3D

I want to ask people what is the easiest program to use at start for making characters in 3D.

New Game Features!

I posted this on all four sties but I'll put it here too, just in case.

Hello everyone! I just finished adding in a couple of new features which I wanted to quickly highlight. On every game's main page, there is now a button allowing you to quickly jump to the "Add Sheet" (or model/texture/sound) form for that game. The game's title on the add page also links back to the original game so moving around the site should be a lot easier now.

You'll also notice, above that new button, a new table showing a couple of statistics for the game you're viewing. Sheet/Model/Texture/Sound count is self explanatory but I do need to mention one thing about the hit count. We've only been tracking game hits since the new site launched so expect them to be a bit lower than you'd think, especially for popular games. Originally, this wasn't an issue since we were using that count to generate our popular games lists so nobody saw the actual number but now that it's visible, just keep that in mind.

So, enjoy the new features and as always, let me know if there are any issues!

PokePark 2: Wonders Beyond - SFX

Hello everyone,
I want to convert the sound effects/voices from the game PokePark 2 for Wii (Dolphin Emulator). But I don't know how to do that, I used some converter like VGS Converter but it does not worked. The sound effect files are mostly acb. and awb. How can i convert them to wav. or other files?
Thanks for any reply.
PS: Sorry, if my english pronunciation is not good, I'm german. Tongue

PS3 3D Model/Texture import?

Im trying to import a 3d model file from a PS3 game (Hyperdimension Neptuina Victory)
and i know all character models are on this site but i need the weapons and so i found the files for the weapons but they are a "ism2" file and i have NO idea how to open this type of file or the texture file which are "tid" files any help?

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