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  • 02/13/18--13:39: Epic Mickey Ripping
  • I've been really wanting to rip the characters from this game,since there's a big lack of available models of EM.I wasn't able to find a tutorial or guide on how to rip the models from it,neither from the engine.I have a few questions.
    -How do i extract the files[color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.7)]?[/color]
    -What's the best version to rip from?
    -Is there a way to rip the models with rigging?
    -Are there any especific things to do?
    All help is appreciated.

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    Hey Everybody! So I've been at work on Disney Infinity 3.0 Lately so I figured I'd start posting up the stuff i get ripped! I'll edit the OP w/ new stuff once I have it done! ^u^

    Judy Hopps (Zootopia):
    [Image: n5dO1uD.png]
    Darkwing Duck's Motorbike "The Rat Catcher" (Darkwing Duck)
    [Image: soGlLJ3.png]
    Anything i upload will be in this folder:
    Feel free to request stuff if you want! most stuff is doable, theres some stuff that would require manual hexing which i lack the skills to do but anything else is fair game! Smile

    I almost forgot I had these two from a long time ago saved on my mediafire:
    Sam Flynn (Tron):
    [Image: tJpbY4b.png]

    Clu (also from Tron):
    [Image: m6CQaxA.png]
    Both are in the DL folder in the OP

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    hi i'm new here and new with blender.
    i'm ripping assets from an asset bundle (unity) and i can't separate the contents itself- save for the .obj and the .png it comes with.
    i don't care too much about the other files unless i absolutely need them (they seem to just be shaders)
    my issue is that i seemingly can't seem to apply the texture to the .obj file correctly. namely, his skin won't come up in the render (arms).
    [Image: 2Cmwn.png]
    how should the UV mapping menu/UI help me in putting the texture where it belongs?

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    Let me start by saying I've never ripped anything before and I am a total novice, so unfortunately, certain things go over my head.

    I'm attempting to rip the sprites and various resources from a mobile game that was recently released and for the life of me, I can't figure it out.

    I'm working with an Android game and managed to extract the APK and converted it into a .zip, but it doesn't seem to have the resources I'm looking for. I'm using BlueStacks and ES File Explorer. The game in question is Negimate.

    Any help would be very appreciated.

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    I was looking for a way of extracting models from The Penguins of Madagascar. The problem is the format that it has (.res). Please, I would like to have a script to extract all the characters.

    These are the characters: ... 9.rar?dl=0

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  • 02/14/18--10:55: .res format unripped
  • Help!

    I was looking for a way of extracting models from The Penguins of Madagascar PS3. The problem is the format that it has (.res). How can it extract the tex and meshes?

    These are the characters: ... 9.rar?dl=0

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    first off hello everone

    ok the textures are .mtxt and ive manage to figure it out.
    i opened it in hxd and it starts with mtxt
    at 0x80-83 it has ctpk 
    delete everything before that and change the file extension to ctpk and it works.

    the models all seem to be .mmdl.
    the .mmdl starts with mmdl and near the end it has names for the skeleton but beyond that i dont know

    and the animations are manm
    i haven't looked into them yet.

    any help on the models would be appreciated.

    .png   proof of textures.png (Size: 78.16 KB / Downloads: 4)

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  • 02/14/18--12:30: Shroom Editor
  • [Image: logo_se.png]

    The Shroom Project meets Mario Editor! The resistance is back, and this time, you get to create their adventures! Build your own levels with guns and blood with this easy to use level editor!



    [Image: se1.png]

    [Image: se2.png]

    [Image: se3.png]

    [Image: se4.png]

    Download Game

    Want to share your level with others? Want to try out levels others have made? Check out the Shroom Editor Showcase!

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    Ive been trying to use texmod with pcsx2 0.9.8 and when it gets to the actual gameplay the controls disappear and i cant rip textures.
    How do fix it?

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    I'm not the best at explaining things but here we go, I also like to use images.

    Grab apicula Pre-built binary in the read me. It's been a year since this great tool released and it seems it's existence has been ignored by most people in favor of the already established DS ripping method.
    Tinke Tinke is pretty easy to learn by just tinking around with it.
    You might also need a ds emulator that can dump ram.

    First off the formats you'll need to look out for are:
    .nsbmd (Model) BMD0 Header
    .nsbtx (Textures) BTX0 Header

    .nsbmd usually hold textures as well, but sometimes they are a separate file.

    Make sure to check the headers of files that don't have these extensions as they could still be the various ones.

    1. Exporting Models, And Textures

    Place the apicula inside the same folder as the formats above, click folder address bar and type cmd, you should see a command prompt window open up, then type in the window "apicula convert NameOfNSBMD.Extension --output NameOfFolder"  without quotations (Example: apicula convert mon_000.nsbmd --output Kappa) this will convert mon_000.nsbmd to mon_000.dae with textures if the files has them and create a folder with the name "Kappa"
    I have a BAT file to do this as quickly as possible

    Sometimes textures will be stored separate from the model and stored elsewhere. *cough* GAMEFREAK *cough*
    Open CMD again, or if you're already in CMD type "apicula convert NameOfTexture.nsbtx --more-textures -output Kappa" (apicula convert building1.nsbtx --more-textures --output Kappa)
    bat file for this as well
    for %%z in (*.nsbtx) do (
    apicula convert %%z --more-textures -a%%z

    You could also just extract the textures with MKDS course editor or Every File Explorer(EFE)

    2. Archives

    Some games may store their files in a compressed archive Tinke can usually decompress these most of the time, but sometimes developers use their own special archives which would require someone to reverse engineer them, so ask someone in the community who can write QuickBMS scripts, Xentax/Zenhax, or do a few ram dumps in parts of the game with the model you want to rip is loaded; from your emulator of choice.

    If Tinke can't open the archive, export it and open it in a hex editor and search for the headers seen at the top of the page, then follow the steps below.

    Apicula has an option to parse ram dumps and the rom itself for any nsbmd/nsbtx/nsbca files it can find. Follow the first step in step 1 but instead of convert do "apicula extract NameOfRamDump.Extension --output Kappa" (Example: apicula extract RanchRaining.bin --output Kappa) this will place the files it finds in "RanchRaining.bin" or "RomName.nds" into a folder that it creates called "Kappa"
    I also have a BAT file for this which is nice for multiple ram dumps.
    for %%z in (*.*) do (
    apicula extract %%z --output a%%z
    Follow the same code in step 1 to use.


    Scurest has a tutorial on how to use it as well if you find this one to be utter trash.

    Congrats! Now you (Hopefully) know how to rip Nintendo DS models with rigging!
    [Image: giphy.gif]

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    I cannot extract the textures and meshes from a ripped model. I can visualize it with the Hex editor.

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    I've posted more sounds since 7 months ago. I Extracted Doraemon: Nobita to Mittsu no Seireiseki sound effects by ripping with N64SoundListTool program by IceMario and SubDrag. and I posted in The Vg Resource. And also, i ripped Bubble Shooter sound effects.

    But why are not approved yet?

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    Hello everyone!
    I started being interested in ripping and extraction processes very recently, and I decided to start by trying to rip the audio files from one of my favorite games, Virtue's Last Reward (3DS and PC). I started to search the internet in order to learn what could be done with ripping and how I could do it. However, I must have missed something, because I can't manage to go past a certain point. That's why I'd like to ask you if you could help me get over it!
    Here's the situation : I started by downloading a .3ds Rom (from this link ) and a PC rip of the game . On the .3ds ROM, I started by downloading HackingToolKit9DS by Asia81, and followed this tutorial . I then used it to export the content of the file, and I ended up with a bunch of .bin files as expected. However, I am supposed to either open the DecryptedRomFS.bin file in a iso reader (I use PowerIso), or convert the .bin file into an ISO file (I used WinBin2Iso to do so) and open it with my iso reader afterwards. But it was completely empty each time, and I couldn't figure out how to access the content. Mounting either the .bin or the iso file on a virtual disk reader only gave me a "the format file is not valid or not supported" error message.
    I tried more or less the same process with the PC version. I installed the game and found the .bin file contening (I guess) most data from the game (called ze2_data_jp.bin and being more than 2Go in this case) but I got the same problems at the same point.
    I read online that the problem could be due to the lack of a .cue file, and tried to made one (by adding the appropriate command into a notepad and then changing the format), but it didn't help. I also read that a way to check if the .bin is not corrupted is to compare the size and the on-disk size, and both are different in my .3ds attempt as in my PC attempt.
    I think I've given all the details. Would anyone be able to give me a hand with this issue? I know the answer may be absolutely obvious, yet I only started with ripping, so please don't mind too much.
    Thanks in advance everyone!

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  • 02/15/18--23:24: rare sonic sprites of main!
  • more than a year ago me and my former best friend try to do a flash game of sonic but it fail between us
    so i want to release the sprite. the sprite is not finished but he is very good so why not to show the world my sprite
    feel free to continue sprite i am done to work on the sprite

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  • 02/16/18--00:45: TID file HELP
  • I'm very new to ripping just keep in mind but anyways, 
    I've extracted the game Collar x Malice (playstation vita game) and i'm left with TID files, it looks like the majority are TID files. Do anyone know how to convert them or know a program to open the TID files. I want to try 'scarlet' from github but sadly I have no knowledge of github and how to use it. Is there another way?

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  • 02/16/18--05:06: Einhander Sound Effects
  • Hello! I have been starting to rip resources to help expand the resources found in this site.

    I used Einhander (PS1) as my practice game to rip from.

    I can open it using jpsxdec and access some resources from there.

    I have not found any sound effects from readable by jpsxdec: There were BIN files though as I assumed some were stored there.

    I used another program called PSmplay, but not all sound effects are found from there as well. I'm currently stumped. My goal is to get every audio I can hear from the game. Am I missing something?

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    More largely, would someone know of any good ressources to learn ripping? I'm new at ripping and I'd like to start with either rip sounds from a .3ds ROM or a PC game. Thanks!

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    Has it been lost or am I merely despised?  Should I try again?
    Edit: To elaborate, I've had something like this happen before. I think it may have been honestly 'eaten' by the system.

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    Can someone rip graphics from StarCraft mod "Nameless"?

    I need at least buildings for all three races (they have been repainted).


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    I made model of scrapped character from Sonic Mars my own design.

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