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    Bangalore is one of the popular destinations for engineering students in India. top ranking Engineering Colleges in Bangalore 
    helps you decide which institutions you should be targeting for engineering admissions in Bangalore

    Admissions department publicises the various courses offered by the University, accepts and scrutinises the applications. Students are enrolled based on the merit secured in the entrance test/qualifying examination.

    National admission department enrolls Indian nationals whereas International admissions department enrolls foreign and NRI 
    students. The international admissions department also helps the foreign students 

    Have a look at the top Engineering Colleges in Bangalore

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    ms ramaiah university bangalore

    presidency engineering college bangalore

    rajiv gandhi institute of technology bangalore

    engineering Colleges with placement

    Engineering Management Quota Admission

    Engineering NRI quota admission

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    Bangalore city is the best option for engineering aspirants because while graduation they get better exposure to the 
    companies present in bangalore through internships. Even after graduation the prospect of getting job becomes easy for the 
    students present here. Acharya Bangalore B-School Bangalore and Ashwini Ayurvedic Medical college and research CentreTumkur

    In term of quality  education, Bangalore is not just limited to government colleges but, the private institutes have matched 
    equally with the government institutes. The Engineering colleges in Bangalore offers various degree in different fields of engineering. Some of them are Electronics and telecommunication,computer science, information technology, civil engineering,  Sir M Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology Bangalore mechanical engineering, biotechnology, petroleum engineering, statistics, aeronautical engineering, aerospace engineering. To make your search even more easier,  here we are providing you the list of Top Engineering Colleges in Bangalore for Direct 
    Admissions. This list might help you in selecting  the right college for admission. We are here to help you with the admission process and transcend your dream of graduating as an engineer.

    There is an adage- ”With every single step towards your goal gets you closer to your destiny”. Hope this list helps you to choose the better option according to your talent and dedication.

    Bapuji Institute Of Engineering And Technology

    Institute of Finance and International Management Bangalore

    PES Institute of Technology Bangalore

    Reva Institute of Technology Bangalore

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  • 04/08/18--07:26: Looking for a certain model
  • Does anyone have the model for Mike Hatsune from Yo Noid 2? I saw a picture with a model of him but he isn't on the website? Unsure

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  • 04/12/18--04:45: Have a Question
  • Original from SPRITING DICTIONARY (and resources)[url=][/url]

    [Image: 5JhunMW.png]

    If i make recoloring and use excel Table as help.

    [Image: XZzeImt.png]
    ^ Colors are:

    medium blue: R: 24 G: 52 B: 189
    brighter blue: R: 90 G: 89 B: 231
    darker blue: R: 24 G: 24 B: 115

    [Image: wlXKW57.png]

    ^ colors are:

    medium orange: R: 231 G: 121 B: 0
    brighter orange: R: 255 G: 158 B: 42
    darker orange: R: 231 G: 93 B: 0

    Difference is as follows:

    medium blue: R: 24 G: 52 B: 189
    difference: R: +66 G: +37 B: +42
    brighter blue: R: 90 G: 89 B: 231

    medium blue: R: 24 G: 52 B: 189
    difference: R: 0 G: -28 B: -74
    darker blue: R: 24 G: 24 B: 115

    medium orange: R: 231 G: 121 B: 0
    difference: R: +24 G: +24 B: +42
    brighter orange: R: 255 G: 158 B: 42

    medium orange: R: 231 G: 121 B: 0
    difference: R: 0 G: -28 B: 0
    darker orange: R: 231 G: 93 B: 0

    If i make recoloring for sprites, can i use Excel table as help for color difference? Can i use same color difference for other colors?

    [Image: 7IzYMN6.png]

    ^ Original from Original from SPRITING DICTIONARY (and resources), recolored blue Sonic

    [Image: SjOh8rq.png]
    ^ recolored blue Sonic with excel table as help, with color differences. Is this wrong or is it right?

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    While This is on the top of the fourms list i wanted to ask if anyone knows a way to fix the messed up uv's on models ripped using ninja ripper. i converted my .rip files to obj and then proceeded to export the mesh from blender to fbx and now i have it in 3ds max.

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  • 04/13/18--06:43: Mario NES Sprite Edits
  • I made some Mario NES Sprite Edits. I was wondering if people could give me some feedback. Fair Warning: It's mostly recolors. All edits were done my myself. Also it took me about 3 Days to make theseBlank

    .zip   NES Mario (Remastered Sprites).zip (Size: 74.45 KB / Downloads: 0)

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    First, I submitted a ZIP folder with some sounds last January, but it wasn't approved, so I presented it on the forums instead. Then, I recently submitted a sprite sheet, but it wasn't approved, either, so I presented it on the forums, too.

    What is taking so long for both tSR and tSoR to finally put the submissions on the sites? I'm getting very impatient.

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    I am making a MLPFIM hack of Final Fantasy 1. It works out, because there are six main characters in the show, and six classes in game!
    I have a bunch of ideas that I would love to start working on, but the biggest issue I'm going to have is sprites, and I would love your help with that.
    I've attempted to do one, based on a vector, but I want to know if there's anything I can improve on.

    Remember, since this is NES, the three color rule is needed.

    [Image: thumb.png]
    In the game,  I wanted this character, Sunset Shimmer, to play the role of Garland.
    So for practice, I took the vector, did some posterize on it to reduce the colors, and fix some details.

    [Image: sus.png]
    This is what I got. (check the small sprite, the big one didnt resize right)

    I think I got a good sprite, but I'm wondering what else I can do. 

    And if anyone wants to help with future sprite making or help, please tell me!

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    I've noticed that the Spriters Resource is really close to having 100,000 sheets (in all games/consoles plus the custom/edited section). Currently it is up to 99,181 sheets. I'd like to congratulate the VG Resource, its staff, and its contributors for all the work done so far. Also, I'd like to ask does the VG Resource plan on doing something to honor this milestone once it occurs?

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    I'm browsing through the files for the game with GCFScape to try and extract models for characters and each "model" has four different file extensions. For example:


    And I know that to upload models here, they need to be in OBJ, FBX or DAE.
    Can anyone help me convert them so I can upload them?

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    Been trying to figure out how to gain access to the files inside TS2's .PAK archives, I don't experience with this task (ripping)  Very Sad , so any help would be greatly appreciated!

    I intend to use the .PAK files to make modifications to the game, such as the *MapMaker mode*.

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  • 04/14/18--18:50: Sonic Rush Ripping Project
  • Here is my sonic rush 1 ripping project.

    Ripped assets so far.

    ss_player_lz7 - haven't converted the model yet, don't know how to extract animations with model and export to fbx or something.
    z11_act_lz7 - zone 1 act 1 models and sprites and other data that I didn't include which is some controlled data files for jumping.

    Ripped assets - SR Assets

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    I've been considering proposing to my significant other for a while.
    My idea was to propose to her in my own fashioned VR world with cameos to both groups of our favourite video game characters.
    I've got that part set up, but now I'm stumped on what location to rip and/or use. The characters I've selected range across different generations and genres, so there's no real theme.
    I imagine the location should be at least a partially outdoors, scenic beauty-type to take full advantage of VR and bring a sense of topophilia.

    There's not many limits on what could be suggested within reason, excluding locations only found in latest generation console titles and some PS1/PS2-exclusive titles.
    Here's some of my ideas, primarily fantasy-based:

    • Skyloft - The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
    • Toad Town - Super Mario Galaxy
      (Perhaps with a yacht floating on the river)
    • Wonderland - Alice: Madness Returns
    • Beauclair City - The Witcher 3
      I also asked my other half, and they said they had no idea except "somewhere from Final Fantasy".I remember they really liked one of the SAO towns we found while browsing VRChat.
    Not that I'm asking for ideas like those. Send any idea that comes to mind, I'm eager!

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    I ripped all of Bubsy 3D's cutscenes, and I don't know where to post them, or if there's even anywhere to do it. Is there?

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  • 04/15/18--18:27: Snailmail Ripped
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  • 04/15/18--19:12: Ghost Sloth
  • Okay, so, i posted this on the discord but i'm also posting it here.

    Its the first time i've done anything in a while(again) but im pretty happy with it, although, i do plan on fixing the arms because they look static in the animation and that bugs me!

    [Image: xlrt26wsf6s01.gif]

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    How can i convert these models to a useable format? I tried killercracker's Budokai scripts but they dont work


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    For a while I have been trying to rip models from Jazz Jackrabbit 3, but when I use UE Viewer the UV mapping is exported separate from the model, and I need to know how to combine it with the model to get the texture working.

    I attached the model with the separate model, texture, and UV mapping if you need it.

    .zip (Size: 736.24 KB / Downloads: 1)

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