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  • 04/22/18--20:02: Klonoa 2 Bin to 3ds Script
  • So i've been trying to figure out how this script works for taking the .bin file from klonoa 2 (kldata.bin,headpack.bin and ptpack.bin) or so forth and converting them to .3ds files. but its still unfinished, i was hoping to see if someone could possibly finish it to where it wont just spit out extremely deformed models and hopefully can gives us proper uv maps as well. Here's the link to the script (it could be finished but i don't think it works like it's supposed to.)

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  • 04/22/18--23:59: Hello!!
  • Hello Everyone.
    I am here to introduce myself.
    I am from India.I love exploring about new things,gaining knowledge,I am the explorer of Knowledge.
    Waiting for someone to welcome me.


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    SJB Institute Of Technology Admission

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  • 04/23/18--00:12: Granblue Fantasy
  • Sorry if I ask stupid question but does this game have English version?
    Or anyway to apply English patch for PJ version?

    Thank in advance Big Grin

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    ERX Pro  As stated in advance, preserving nutritious weight loss plan performs a large function for everyone who desires to build a muscular physique. ERX Pro meals you consume must be loaded with carbohydrates and protein. This, of path, does not suggest that you have to exclude other vitamins. Remember that your food have to be balanced.

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    I ripped all of Bubsy 3D's cutscenes, and I don't know where to post them, or if there's even anywhere to do it. Is there?

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  • 04/15/18--18:27: Snailmail Ripped
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  • 04/15/18--19:12: Ghost Sloth
  • Okay, so, i posted this on the discord but i'm also posting it here.

    Its the first time i've done anything in a while(again) but im pretty happy with it, although, i do plan on fixing the arms because they look static in the animation and that bugs me!

    [Image: xlrt26wsf6s01.gif]

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  • 04/23/18--17:07: Guerreiro Aventureiro
  • Guerreiro Aventureiro is an action adventure game, mixed with RPG and platform, several different levels for you to have fun, play against different enemies and different masters so that you can finalize the game
    Attack, Z
    Defense, S
    Jump, X
    One Special
    Download the game ... o/155324fa

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  • 04/23/18--19:11: Art Style light trax: sounds

    comes with sounds and bgm samples

    shoutout to change_name for figuring it out with BrawlBox, even if it showed as unsupported

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  • 04/23/18--21:50: Conception II Models
  • I extracted from the 3ds version of the game.
    They use 3ds.orb and ctpk files.
    any idea? ... eroine.rar

    Thanks Genki ^_^ 

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  • 04/24/18--07:18: Super Batalhas de Guerreiros
  • Super Battles of Warriors is a game of strategy and adventure and action in this meeting several epic characters of games like King of Dragon, Kinght of The Round, etc .... contain 14 Leveis with different enemies
    Destroy the castle keeper of enemies before he destroys his guardian
    Attack Z, X, A, S, Z + Up, Z + Down, Z + X, Z + A, etc.

    .png   Capturar3.PNG (Size: 188.62 KB / Downloads: 1)

    .png   2.PNG (Size: 309.11 KB / Downloads: 1)

    .png   7.PNG (Size: 286.11 KB / Downloads: 2)

    .png   4.PNG (Size: 206.85 KB / Downloads: 1)

    .png   Capturar4.PNG (Size: 177 KB / Downloads: 1)

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  • 04/24/18--08:19: Recent Site Changes
  • Hey everyone. Over the last couple of days, I made significant changes to how the sites interact with the forum. It should all be transparent on your side but there have definitely been a few hiccups (some of you noticed them with the 500 errors or pages timing out). I'm pretty sure I've since fixed most of them but please keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary and let me know here if you see something happening that shouldn't. Be sure to include what you were doing and the full URL to the page you were on in your report. Thanks!

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  • 04/24/18--14:02: Diamond Records
  • Hello everyone, first of all, I need help to extract files from the game JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Records ...
    Someone could tell me if extracted directly or with which program can I do?

    I await your response, in advance thank you very much

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  • 04/24/18--14:31: A strange discovery
  • So i've been messing with klonoa 2's bin files some more and also with the files from klonoa beach volleyball and from the looks of it they both use the same format. .bin files that not a single program can open nor if i can find a way to get the files from klonoa 2, that same method could possibly work on klonoa beach volleyball. but i was also told there is some sort of mod for winrar that can open bin file archives or extract them on xentax's site somewhere but i haven't been able to locate it.

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  • 04/24/18--17:13: Pokemon Red Version Of Mario
  • I would like some feedback. I made these sprites from scratch I didn't recolor

    .png   Pokemon Red Mario.png (Size: 4.34 KB / Downloads: 8)

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  • 04/24/18--17:47: Hello There!
  • I'm NerdyKairi and I love videogames and stuff, I'm currently trying to get into ripping models and stuff like that from games that don't have it yet, anyway nice to meet you.

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  • 04/24/18--18:10: Legendary Warriors
  • Hello everyone, today I came to share another game, Legendary Warriors, I have always been a fan of Grand Chase and when they closed that game I was very homesick and I decided to create this game that resembles some things of the Grand Chase is a mixture of Maplestory with Grand Chase functions
    contains 2 maps
    12 super fun missions,Shop to buy items, Equipment of items and of mascots and much more you will be able to edit the missions easily in the folder "data / missions / Archives.ini"
    Watch the video, I hope you enjoy ^ _ ^

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  • 04/24/18--19:10: Sengoku Basara Model Help
  • I made a similar post back in general ripping about 20 days ago and I haven't heard anything, so I thought I would come here and see if anyone here in the help section could help! I'm in a bit of a fix when i'm trying to rip some models from the ps3 game, Sengoku Basara 4 Sumeragi.

    With Sumeragi I've been able to use Noesis to export the arc files of the player files and i'm able to open and export the tex files into png for the characters, however there's one big problem for this. When i try to export the model, which is stuck as a .mod file, i get a message that the file can't be determined and if i try to open the file a message pops up that the file can't be previewed. If anyone knows how I could possible open these tricky .mod files in blender or get them converted to something that blender can import would be amazing!

    (and I did find a python that was supposed to help import .mod files into blender but I get a series of traceback errors instead, link below.)

    Here is one of the .mod files I'm trying to convert if anyone knows how to do this!

    thank you all so much for any help you guys might know of!

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    I was trying to update this model to add the Famicom Disk System, but when I export the model using Ohana3DS, it puts the textures in the same folder, and when I use Every File Explorer, it puts them in a sub-folder named "Tex." I'd like to make the texture directory match that already used for the other models in the ZIP, but when I try to move the textures into a "JP FDS" folder, it removes the textures from the model file, even when I edit the DAE to direct it to the new folder. How can I do this?

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