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  • 07/08/18--15:20: Amstrad CPC Ripping Tutorial
  • This is a tutorial on how to rip sprites from Amstrad CPC games.

    Firstly you need Caprice Forever. Make sure the version you have is 18.6 or above because it means that you have the graphics explorer (tile viewer). You will need 7Zip to extract the emulator to the folder of your choice.

    So now that you have the emulator and found some games, you're ready to rip but before that...

    Some advice before we load up the games. There are many different versions of a game out there and it can get a bit confusing. Some later games have copy protection included however if they are listed as Spain release, these don't have the copy protection that is included in the UK release, Ocean was often known for doing this. There are cracked versions of a game that remove copy protection or transferred from disc to tape however some cracked versions have bugs affecting the game whether it is poorly removed copy protection or the hacker decided to change a few things. Trainers are games that have cheats in them such as infinite lives, time or ammo however again some trainers have problems with the games creating some bugs along the way, mostly the older scene releases.

    I've mentioned copy protection and there are many types of copy protection. Some require |CPM to be booted up or unable to use some commands. Ones that say gaps and weak sectors even affect the discs themselves making them harder to copy and even preserve because they are more likely to fail over time, it is more recently that those can be copied and preserved.

    Last thing, if you see compactages anywhere online and wonder what that word means well... They are scene releases of games using the original source (whether disc or tape), compress them to use as less space as possible, removed copy protection and maybe also have improvements such as cheats, new better title screens on some games, faster loading, music and even bug fixes ranging from working on machines that might not before to some critical problems that makes you able to complete the game while you couldn't before!

    Then there are different versions of the game altogether such as Double Dragon 1 and 2. One by Richard Aplin (the good one) and one by Animagic (the bad one).

    So to recap:

    Spain Release (Ocean games) = Recommended over UK release due to no copy protection but still official and in English.
    Cracked = Removed copy protection or someone has transferred the tape to disc on tape only releases.
    Trainer = These include cheats to make your life easier playing the game.
    Compactages = Cleaned up releases that might have cheats or improvements. Also include bug fixes for certain games!

    Loading the games

    After double clicking the exe, the emulator loads up. If its blurry like on Windows 10 with a high resolution monitor, it would have to be changed (because we are print screening). You would have to right click the exe before loading up and go to Compatibility, High DPI Settings and then Override via Application. First we need to put the disc in so go to Disk, Load image into Drive A, select your game and click Open. There are a very few games that have more than one disc so put Disc 2 into Load image into Drive B.

    Unlike retro consoles where the game starts straight away and modern consoles where you have a menu, you have to know commands but luckily the Amstrad CPC was considered simple enough to use when it came out. If you know how to use the run command in Windows (or similar commands in Mac and Linux assumingly), then it should be simple but you may have to do this step every time because it is easy to forget what to type sometimes.

    Chances are unless the place where you got your games told you how to boot up the game or found instructions, you won't get past the boot up screen. So you have to know a few commands. First type cat , this will list what it is on the disc/tape. If there is a file listed as game.bas, you'll type:


    Then press enter.

    [Image: SlyuVDO.png]
    (An example of booting up Hyper Sports)

    Don't panic if you typed cat and then the screen has gone funny. It's because either the game has copy protection or has a different way of booting up. In those cases, reset the emulator (Emulator, Cold Reset). After that type |CPM

    Some games its just run"disc or run"disk. It varies between game to game or even version of the same game.

    It is best to use discs instead of tapes because it is much faster to boot up the games as in instead of taking minutes, they're take seconds. Only use tapes if you can't find a disc version or a "cracked version" where someone has transferred the tape to disc.

    Sprite ripping

    Firstly you need to get towards the part of the game that you want to rip (most of the time, it is just getting into the game itself). Then go to Emulator, then Pause. This is so that you can take your time ripping.

    After that go to Extra, Graphics explorer. 

    [Image: 4Umbl2S.png]

    An explanation of the things:

    Zoom: Keep it as 1 however it's not quite 1 as I'll explain later on...


    X is the sprite size (width). Different sprites have different sizes from 1 all the way to more but usually around 16 is the cut off point. You have to keep adjusting this one to get what you are looking for.

    Y is the vertical box size (height). This is just basically the higher you go, the less you have to do on an image editor of your choice (Paint, GIMP, GraphicsGale, etc). Some like this game has a neat box like the swimmer here.

    Mode: There are 4 options in terms of graphics display. The default is whatever was loaded into the tile viewer that might or might not be what you are looking for.

    Mode 0 - 16 colours. Used in many games. Much of the time, this is the one that you want to select.
    Mode 1 - 4 colours. Used in Spectrum ports or ports to the Spectrum. Some games might intentionally use this Mode if they want a cartoony or a detailed look.
    Mode 2 - 2 colours. Very rarely used for games like Amstetris being the few that do but is used in games for text.

    Many games also mix modes so you have Mode 0 characters but may use Mode 1 for the HUD and Mode 2 for the text.

    Addressing: Leave it as Linear. Screen is just a more complicated way of doing a print screen. WinApe does have Reverse as well that is used in games such as Twin Turbo V8 and 750cc Grand Prix but currently this emulator doesn't support that.

    Memory: Even I have no clue what this does because it doesn't seem to do anything! Just leave it. There's banked and RAM by the way.

    -1: Lowers the offset by 1

    +1: Raises the offset by 1

    You have to do both if you want the sprite to be in the box without cutting off.

    Finally the bar at the bottom is where the graphics are, just scroll left to right and do the above to find them.

    Not all games are neat and tidy like this! Some games have a neat and tidy size set up fitting into a 16X16 square while others are completely random, in that case have the height being around 150 or so for less cropping. Some are even upside down. Then after that just print screen and paste the image on your preferred image editor, crop the sprites and paste. You might have to fiddle with the offset, width and height for every sprite as some games just do it in their own way with no standard.

    After everything is done, the sprites have to be shrunk to 50% of their size since the tile viewer displays them twice the size despite the Zoom being at 1. This was spotted when you use the height function and it is displayed double in an image editor. There is an exception that Mode 2 graphics are correct in width however they have to be shrunk 50% in height instead (also the sprites from Ghosts 'n Goblins as well but it is one of those exceptions rather than the rule, you get that quite a bit).

    Note if you just want to rip the title screen, go to Display then Small Screenshot. This saves a bmp file so convert it to a PNG. Same advice if you want a game icon for tSR. In case you want to know why for both the sprites and the screenshot? It is because most Amstrad CPC emulators do it by the monitor resolution while we are ripping from the pixel resolution.

    There is a black background and the sprites use black! I can't rip the sprites.

    Until recently, this would have been it with no way to continue however because of this tile editor, you can change the background colour. To do this highlight the tile that you want to edit, then double click. This takes you to the Tile Editor

    [Image: SxmsJfG.png]

    Click on the Palette icon that is circled, then click on the first colour to change it choosing which one out of the system palette to choose from, the dark green second one down from the middle column or the pink are recommended. It might also be the last colour as in the case of Whopper Chase. Click apply and it changes the palette so it can be ripped, if it doesn't show click Refresh.

    In this example; the hair colour should be black but its white and the swimming should be white but its red.

    Help, the instructions don't work on the game that I'm ripping from!

    Sadly not every game can be ripped this way and yes, this includes some of the best from the computer. A few like Jet Set Willy you can use a tile viewer such as YY-CHR to view the sprites however they are the exception.

    The wiki has a list of games that are very hard to rip or pretty much impossible. So if you're a fan of By Fair Means or Foul, it means that you won't be able to ever see a sprite rip of that game on here or anywhere for a looooong time.

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  • 07/08/18--15:45: Pokemon ASCII Battle Game!
  • [Image: pokemon_ascii_version_battle_game____dow...cgnmk1.png]

    Relive the sights and sounds of First-gen Pokémon in this classic text-based Battle Game
    All 151 Pokémon to play, with four Ranks to master!

    Choose your Character then Start your journey:
    • Use Pikachu, Charizard, and Eevee all the way up to the rare legendaries: Zapdos, Mew and Mewtwo---all here in full HD text-art glory.
    • Fight using over 300 attacks in intense 1-on-1 battles with full sounds effects for every attack move---Fire, Water, Electric, Psychic and more types to unlock and explore.
    1. Includes Source Code (C#), so anyone and everyone can to build their own text-based battle game from the ground up!
    2. Includes over 300 Sound Effects---Gen I to Gen V cries and attack move sound effects!
    3. Includes the Pokémon ASCII Art Collection, an exclusive master-set of all Pokémon ascii-art through Gen V---you want 18 different Pikachu’s in adorable text-art form? Got it!

    YouTube: Play-through Videos | Let's connect on Twitter: @BellBlitzKing
    Programmer, Designer, Artist: Brandon, BellBlitzKing@gmail.com
    ASCII Character Artist: Maija Haavisto (MH), @DiamonDie on Twitter

    [Image: RGUohA.png][Image: 6JcGq.png]
    [Image: kN5YLm.png][Image: zzrZHT.png]

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  • 07/08/18--16:11: SNES Version of Imajin
  • I have an snes version of Imajin. But I don’t have access to it at the moment, so how do I get a sheet back that was rejected? And also the thing it was in also got rejected. Any help on How to get rejected sheets back?

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    I used ALuigi's bms script to extract the jwads, but how do i convert these files to useable formats?

    (.ptmf is for models, .tdin is for textures)

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  • 07/08/18--22:12: what is education..?
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  • 07/06/18--09:30: Goodbye
  • I don't really feel like I'm valued here, and whenever I try to do something nice no one cares. I've been sitting in submission hell for almost 9 months now, and seeing rips of games literally only like 5 people ever played being accepted on a weekly basis. Why even bother working for several days trying to rip, sort and post the audio of a game to just have it still being submitted after almost 9 months, not accepted, not even declined, but still haven't even been looked at as if no one cares. I'm not going to waste my time and effort doing work that no one will appreciate, so I'm no longer going to be making any more posts or submissions.  Angery

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    Do any of y'all in the VG Resource community have a favorite fighting game that you wanna be its universe and why? It can be any fighting game that's either:
    • One of the popular fighting games that's still current today
    • One of the obscure fighting games that has a lot of hate
    • One of the forgotten fighting games that had a few installments

    The fighting game universe I would like to live in: Super Smash Bros. So i can fight along the sides of some of my favorite Nintendo characters! ^^"

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    So what does GLIntercept? 
    "GLIntercept is a OpenGL function call interceptor for Windows that will intercept and log all OpenGL calls"
    [Image: 7i9w7likl207mhczg.jpg]
    Will give you:
    [Image: d1mv33c9b3421n4zg.jpg][Image: n2q5db3oldz4is1zg.jpg][Image: 5u12cavb8gfuaxxzg.jpg]
    [Image: m32u72vd6wyg29rzg.jpg][Image: 8dnt2gov8jc7zllzg.jpg]( and 20 more of those grounds tiles)

    How does it works?
    1.First, make sure your emulator's video plugin is using Open GL.

    On PPSSPP , Game Settings >> Rendering Backend >> OpenGl
    On Desmune, Config >> Display Method >> Open Gl
    On ePSXe, Config >> Plugin >> Video, then select "Pete's OpenGL2 GPU core 2.0.0". If Pete's plugin isnt in the list, you will need to find it on the net.
    Those are just example i have personally tested, but it should work with everything that uses openGl.

    2. Download the manual Install of the latest version of GlIntercept: https://github.com/dtrebilco/glintercept/releases

    3. Open the rar and move "OpenGL32.dll" and "gliConfig.ini" next to the .exe of your emulator.

    4. Open "gliConfig.ini" and change the following lines:

     Enabled = False;
     FrameStartKeys = (ctrl,shift,f);
     OneFrameOnly = True;
    to the following:
     Enabled = True;
     FrameStartKeys = (g);
     OneFrameOnly = False;
    Changing Enabled to "True" will make so you have to press a key to start intercepting OpenGl calls rather than doing it form the start of the emulation. When GlIntercept is doing its magic, the emulator will lag a lot, from 1/4 to 1/10 of the normal speed, so you really dont want to be intercept all the time.
    FrameStartKeys is the key that need to be pressed to start GlIntercept. YOu can change this to whatever you like.
    OneFrameOnly equal to false will make it so that GlIntercept will capture until you press the key again. If you set it to true, it will capture only 1 frame.

    5. Open your emulator, play until just before the sprites you wanna rip are shown and press the key you have set in gliConfig  in step 4. Boom! A file named "Frame_XXXXXXX", where the Xs are the frame numbers, will be created in the emulator folders.

    Depending on the game and where your capturing in the game, results will vary greatly. On some game, you will get mini sprite sheet and all the sprite will spawn in order, sometimes its gonna be an incredible mess. Sometime opengl will get nothing and with a certain game i dont remember the name, it just made the emulator crash.

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    I haven't seen any posts about Splatoon2 ripping specifically, so I figured I'd share what programs I used that seem to work.
    (You need to install Python for some of these programs to work)

    Obtaining .szs files:

    If you have access to the .XCI rom file (I can't get this for you, you'll have to search the internet):

    Using Hactool GUI MaxConsole-SkullCrossbones-Package (keys included):
    -Choose "Extract XCI", Open the .xci and extract it into a folder
    -Choose "Extract NCA"
    -Go to that folder you extracted to, then to "secure"
    -Open "aea492320456425eb7d19940d2849036.nca" (largest file size in the folder)
    -All the models should be in the "Model" folder in .szs format

    If you only have access to the .Istorage romfs file:

    -Hactool GUI: "Extract RomFS" => Open game.istorage => Name the output folder => Batch exports .szs files
    -RomFS Explorer by Ac_K: game.istorage => Right Click: Extract => Exports individual .szs files

    Extracting the .bfres file from the .szs/.sarc file:
    -SarcExtract MasterVermilli0n/AboodXVery Sad .szs => .bfres
    -Libyaz0 by MasterVermilli0n/AboodXVery Sad .szs => .sarc
    -Sarc Extractor by RandomTalkingBush: .sarc => .bfres

    Importing the .bfres into 3DS Max to export it to any file:
    -Bfres Importer MaxScript by RandomTalkingBush: .bfres => 3DSMax => .dae/.obj/etc.

    Extracting the embeded texture .bntx file from .bfres:
    -Embedd_Extract by AboodXVery Sad .bfres => .bntx

    Extracting the .dds from .bntx:
    -Bntxx by Gdkchan: .bntx => .dds
    -Bntx Extractor by AboodXVery Sad .bntx = .dds
    -Bntx Editor by AboodXDL .bntx = .dds

    Converting the .dds to .png:
    -Paint.NET/any graphics program that supports the file format: .dds => .png

    -HactoolGUI w/ titlekeys: https://www.maxconsole.com/attachments/m...rar.14756/


    -Bfres MaxScript: https://mega.nz/#!3l5jEKZC!VYUwVpNp6aB8e...dYtQyKFHRI
    -A bunch of useful programs/scripts by RTB: https://www.vg-resource.com/thread-29836.html

    -RomFS Explorer: https://mega.nz/#!CZlkkDwA!OUH1D0K8DrfRe...eqMWUY9WBI

    AboodXD (+Master Vermilli0n?):
    -SarcExtract: https://github.com/aboood40091/SARCExtract
    -Libyaz0: https://github.com/aboood40091/libyaz0
    -Embedd Extractor: https://github.com/aboood40091/Embedd-Extractor
    -BNTX Extract: https://github.com/aboood40091/BNTX-Extractor
    -BNTX Editor: https://github.com/aboood40091/BNTX-Edit...s/tag/v0.3
    -AboodXD's Github: https://github.com/aboood40091?tab=repositories

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    Been working on a secret project of sorts, using Minish Cap-styled sprites of things from Breath of the Wild!

    Haven't posted here in a looong time, but I figured it'd be fun to upload the sprites I've made, both custom and edited, as I finish them.

    Currently, just the Old Man, edited from the King Daltus sprite from MC, and a ChuChu.

    [Image: q5zzsun.png]

    0 0

    Hello everyone. It's been a while since I'm doing research on specialized forums, because I'd like to extract and view models of games Yo-Kai Watch on 3DS.
    A person helped me a lot by giving me a program that allows me to extract the textures of the game, but I still can not read the models of the game.
    Here is the list of files I have in each folder:
    .pck .xc .atr .cmn .imm3 .imminf. mbn .mtr .prm .tpx .xcl .xcRES.bin and .bin
    I'm not sure but I think the model is in .prm.
    Can someone nice help me solve this problem?
    Thank you.

    Warnning: Do NOT Get Caught While Searching!!
    Your IP : - Country : - City:
    Your ISP TRACKS Your Online Activity! Hide your IP ADDRESS with a VPN!
    Before you searching always remember to change your IP adress to not be followed!
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    I would like to rip the animations from splatoon and possibly some other first party wii u titles, but am pretty clueless on the matter. Could anyone provide help on the subject?

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  • 07/10/18--15:04: Help Ripping 3DS Models
  • So I am trying to go to the game files of a few 3DS games to rip a few models.

    I saw instructions on how to turn the 3ds game into a bin and then decrypt it. However, in order to decrypt it, you need a Xorpad and you need a 3DS to get a Xorpad. Btw I don't have a 3DS I have Citra.

    Is there anything like Console Tool but for 3DS games that allows me to get in the files?


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  • 07/10/18--16:26: Background Remover tool
  • Little tool i made to remove background. As long as you can get the background alone and the background doesnt have the same color as the sprites, it should work.

    Download: Background Remover v02

    How it works:
    [Image: yfj2p2u23h15z85zg.jpg]

    Result of the example in gif form: [Image: d54mimdvdyos93gzg.jpg]
    Note that chrome have problem displaying gif at high speed, so you might see the bottom or the top of the sprite flicker with chrome.
    If you guys see any bugs, please let me know!

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  • 07/10/18--22:26: NES Toon-Link
  • I'm about to attempt to post a sprite sheet of Toon Link in The Legend of Zelda look. The result is good I would say but I do need some tips and feedback before I shape my final result. Feedback is always appreciated

    .png   Toon Link (TLoZ Style).png (Size: 4.48 KB / Downloads: 30)

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    When I was looking through the iso, I could find some archives that have AMPP headers, as will as some strings (HMDL, HTSF, PVRT, HTEX). HOw could I extract models from these files?
    (These files are from the Wii Version)


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