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  • 07/11/18--13:17: Bye, guys.
  • So, I joined this forum last year whenever I was really into 3D models and things like that. Since then, my interest in such things has rapidly declined. I haven't even used the forum in around a year.

    I've decided to say goodbye. I don't use this forum and it's account for anything really, and probably never will.

    Also, I apologize for my behavior when I first made this account, making a callout post was not responsible and was very rude of me. 

    So all-in-all, I'm sorry for my behavior, my interests are gone now, and goodbye.

    See ya,

    ~Doodle Box

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    so uh
    this is me first post
    so i need a sheet of my mine craft skin in a Mario & Luigi style
    sprite sheet and uh
    idk how to do that
    im making a game rn and
    im desperate Unsure

    the skin is attached so uh

    try ur best

    .png   54f6d0fc95b130d9.png (Size: 1.01 KB / Downloads: 35)

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    Hello SR! I really dont know if this is the right place to post this but I was wonder if there was someone who could rip sprites from a game called Grand Summoner? Its a mobile game for android and iOS and there is an exact unit I would want so it isnt the whole game or every character. I havent seen anyone rip a single sprite for this game despite the amazing line of characters for it. If there is a reason please inform me. Thank you so much!

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    i've been trying to do this for around 6 hours now. I'd like to rip some models from FE Awakening but all the tutorials i found needed a 3ds with Homebrew, and it looks like all the free methods of getting Homebrew were patched by Nintendo. So, i'm not really too sure what to do anymore. Do i give up ?

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  • 07/12/18--08:43: How do I rip SM64 Models?
  • I know how to get textures using toads tool but not models how do I?

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  • 07/13/18--06:50: Ripping Opoona Models
  • Hello. I would like to rip models from the Wii game Opoona. The models are stored in .mdl format. However, I am not sure how to open these models. While BrawlBox is able to open .mdl models from other games, such as Klonoa, it is not able to open .mdl files from Opoona. If anyone here has knowledge on how to extract models from Opoona's .mdl files, please let me know. I have included an image of what one of these mdl files looks like in a hex editor. I can provide the file if necessary.
    [Image: Opoona_Hex.png]

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    So, I've been driving myself insane trying to rip these sprites I've read the tutorials for SNES ripping, but only method 2 can yield a whole sprite, because method 1 is impossible with most enemies in the game especially the Raptors, and T-Rex. They move so fast you can never catch all of their animation I've even used codes to make Grant invisible and invincible at this rate I may have to use cheat engine to freeze the Raptor's x coordinate.

    Before I attempt that though I was wondering if anyone here has had success in ripping enemy or player sprites from this game, I can view them in VSNES but viewing them in memory hasn't been easy it tends to yield a garbled mess, no matter what palette/bit I use. Maybe I'm just doing something wrong I have no idea, but they can also be viewed in the scene viewer however that still doesn't help with their animations as I don't think you can cycle through them in that program and in game they get interrupted by the raptor going into the attack state because they move so fast their running animation rarely does a full cycle before hitting the player.

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    I have the script to rip the models of yoshi's world but I cant seem to find what the file name of Yoshi's player model is I've been look for about an hour and I have no luck the closest I found was textures in the c_custom folder so if anyone knows what the yoshi playermodel name is called that'd be very helpful thank you!

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    I started to messing around with the pk file yesterday, and trying to decompile it with the pktools, which worked with the PC version of the previous game, Fate Extella. But, when I tried to do it, it fails at the start of the decompilation, giving an error.

    So, I tried to use a QuickBms script that also works for PK files, and in this case I got some files, but after extract an incomprehensible number of files that go up in more than 150 GB (and more), I needed to stop it because lack of space in my hard drive. This not make sense, because the file is only 1,2 GB (Probably 3-4 GB decompressed).

    This works, but I can't get the files with their original name, and the folder structure, which it's important to simplify the ripping.

    So, anyone here knows about another tools or QuickBms script to work with these?
    P.D.: I can't share examples here since the PK is ALL the game data, so it's like sharing a direct download to the game. (Maybe I can share it via PM)

    QuickBms script:
    PKtools for Fate Extella (PC):

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  • 07/14/18--09:17: threejs and chrome cacheview
  • been looking in chrome cacheview trying to use three js had a couple of good models this way just wondered if anyone knows any good sports websites to use this on three js or is there anything better program for ripping odd bits off the net thx

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  • 07/14/18--12:20: MrPr1993's Sprite Ripness
  • I had my MAME emulator lying around for like a couple of years, so I played a bit of games. I decided to give sprite ripping a shot.

    I decided to start with The Ninja Kids.

    I already got the tiles of Hanzo set up. Now I gotta put em' all together.
    [Image: unknown.png]
    Wish me luck!

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    Name is Pokejedservo, Internet Denizen for a bit over 20 years you can know a bit more about my various handiwork here at...

    But I will keep things simple & to the point that I have been going to the VG Resource pages for some time now so I figured why not actually sign up and register, so here I am.

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    I don't know why but I can't login to any of the resource websites except of VG. I click on the login button and then it redirects me to the "Click here to return to the site you logged on from" and once I click on it or let it redirect to the page I was before, I still end up not being logged in as it still says I'm a guest. Am I doing something wrong or is this a genuine bug or something because I really don't know.

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  • 07/14/18--16:51: How do I rip Wii U models?
  • I am trying to rip models from some Wii U games. Is there any way I can? I have extracted some Wii U game files.

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