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    I wrote a little Python script to extract the roms from the Colecovision Flashback 40 Game Pack (available on Steam). Probably a stupid project as I'm probably the only person dumb enough to spend $20 on 40 average Colecovision games, but hey, it's my first Python script ever.

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    Hello there,

    So i've been using The Models resource for quite some time now since i'm playing VRchat, taking the models and making avatars, but now i'm a bit in trouble, my avatar i use mostly is the Zurg model form the Toy story wii game, and i want to have other models for avatar and making a Planet Z map on the game, but for that i need the models of the game Buzz lightyear of star cmmand.

    I tried to use ninja ripper and 3d Ripper DX on all the versions of the game, but without succes, only flat textures. i tried also to extract the files from the game but only get .ALL and .ANM files for the model without a way to get them as 3d object and textures.

    That why i'm crying for help here ;w; if anyone can help me rip the model or get the models from the files you would be my eternal saviour.

    (And sorry if i misspell something ^^' i'm french)

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    I am about to rip the backgrounds from "The Mad Doctor" level in Mickey Mania.
    KGens's "Plane Explorer" views the the background but with platforms (floors, fireplaces, etc.)

    Do i need to remove anything that serves as a platform in the game (floor, fireplaces)?

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    Hello, Can someone get the Erito model of Dragon Ball Heroes Ultimate Mission?

    [Image: Screenshot_919.png]

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    I'm sorry if I'm staring this in the wrong place, but I wasn't sure where to post it.

    Anyway, as the title suggests, I had this idea for an Animal Crossing spin-off game, inspired by the mini-game Island Escape.

    The story takes place following New Leaf, where you, the mayor of your town, return from a long vacation (presumably from Smash) only to find your town very much run down. Isabelle, Tom Nook, and three random villagers (the only ones left in town) run up to meet you.
    Isabelle tells you that while you were away, the town had fallen into disrepair in multiple areas, while Tom adds that in order to keep the town up and running (somewhat), he's had to take out a massive loan from a very wealthy loan shark.

    The first part of the game has you going off to find various bugs and/or fish to try to sell, only to find out that, under Sharpe's financial control, this method of collecting Bells is virtually useless (the value for selling bugs and fish is an eighth of what you get by sell them at Re-Tail...for now), but it is enough to set the main events in motion.

    The main gimmick of the game that you lead a team of treasure hunters and exploring various randomly generated ruins. You have to find as much treasure as you can. The challenge is that you have a limited amount of time to collect treasure from the area you explore, while fighting off enemies and avoid traps set.

    Each animal villager you have living in your town has a unique skill, in addition to basic attacks and equipped tools, to help you fight off dangers. Some villagers have physical offensive skills, some have defensive skills, and some even have elemental skills. No animal nor personality type's special skill is the same.

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    hello people, I have seen that there is not more interest on fire emblem radiant dawn models Sad

    I wish Elincia model for xnalara or dae format, rigged or T pose for rig with sword and pegasus ( if possible )

    50 USD via paypal is ok ? PM for who is interested Smile

    [Image: latest?cb=20121027154803]

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    Hey, I have the F-Zero GX models. However, the high poly ones are, well... They require these MTA files for motion I believe, as seen here I'm pretty sure Sonic Adventure and Monkey Ball also use them as well. Does anyone know how to implement them, or which program I would have to use? From Googling it I have come up with nothing.

    Edit - They may use SKL files instead. Which are skeleton files Maya uses, with a plugin it looks like 3ds Max can also utilize them.

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    Hi there,

    I wanted to know if it's possible to extract the audio in the SE3 archives?

    Many Thanks!

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    I don't know if this is the right place to ask, but I need some help getting a couple of Sound Effects from MGS2 for a Non-Commercial fan Game I m trying to start up.

    I m trying to get the following sound effects:
     - The Sound of when the Laser Sensors get turned off 
    - The Sound of the Coolant Spray 
    - The Sound of the Semtex being nearby and Getting Turned off
    - The Sound of Sensor B

    I tried to get them Straight from either the PC Substance port or the PS2 Sons of Liberty disk but it was to no avail. I couldnt get through the .dat Files from the PC Port and through PSound on the PS2 I got about 10k+ files that truthfully... I was overwhelmed and gave up xD

    I wondering if anyone here has any experience on how to get them quicker, or even by any chance already have them and are willing to share them with me.

    In any case, Thanks for any help you can offer me, I appreciate even the time you took reading this Smile

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    Hello all! I'm having a bit of a problem with submitting a recent spritesheet (see below). A little while ago, the sheet was accepted, then taken down without notice. Then, I tried to resubmit it today, and it was rejected for being in JPEG format. However, the file was exported as a PNG from Photoshop CS6 and clearly has a PNG file extension.
    [Image: giantsnake.png]
    What am I doing wrong?
    Thanks in advance!

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  • 07/27/18--18:36: Sonic Adventure 2 Pc Ripping
  • so i got sonic adventure 2 on pc back at the start of july and well i am aware that someone already ripped one of the sonic adventure 2 on one of the older versions, but ive really been wanting to rip the pc version, espically the unused chao playground and chao library models. but i don't know what tools im supposed to use to do so, ive only found a tool for the pak files and the pvm,psr,gvm and prs files, but i wanna also pull the csb files. does anyone by chance know any tools for those or what the csb files contain anyway

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    But does anyone want to rip some?

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    I've ripped some of the character models with ninjaripper via the PC version of Barnyard, however the textures are pretty much screwed up in some form as seen in this image.

    [Image: tumblr_pbyvrnFgVO1u7vsleo3_640.png]

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    Alright heres the deal: making a LttP wallpaper that will be pixel perfect on standard UHD settings (3,840x2,160) .
    Could have simply stopped at the cropped map, but why stop there? Why not have sprites running all around it, doing wierd things, like my last few walls?
    Due to me never having done so before, I am going to ask for suggestions from everyone who looks in this thread.
    It had very small success on a certain image board, but I figure everyone here will make it even better. So heres the Deal: suggest ANY sprites, in any situation, anywhere on the map, and I WILL put it in there. Dont care how it does not fit in, etc, it goes in there. You can have Megaman smacking an NPC from Final Fantasy 3, Cless chatting up Nei, anything.
     Dont let me down.

    Now I feel silly. How do I put the actual Wall on this thread? Just a Link looks silly.

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