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  • 08/20/18--14:57: Character Models in ALBW
  • Hello everyone!
    I just wanna start by saying I'm sorry if this is in the wrong area. I tried to make sure it was but if it isn't I'm really sorry.

    Anyways I'm trying to rip character models using Ohana3DS but I can't seem to find them anywhere? The way the files are laid out confuses me a lot but maybe somebody can tell me where to search?

    Here's what the layout looks like as of rn:

    Image (Link is discordapp so it doesnt expire or disappear)

    Archive gives me this but none of it is rippable via Ohana and nothing looks to be anything related to any character model.

    If anyones ripped ALBW stuff before, please lemme know where I can find the character models! Sorry if this post is vague or a mess! I was half sleep while writing this lmao[url=][/url]

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  • 08/20/18--20:13: Invaders
  • The First game i will be making is a space invaders tower defense type game where you are the tower. A large portion of the game play is reaching completion and the story will be added later!
    you can get a copy here let me know what you think and share please:

    .jpg   Untitled.jpg (Size: 185.94 KB / Downloads: 5)

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    Hey all,

    i know Monster Hunter World was just recently released on pc.... soooooo....  was tryng to export the models and got this so far. I got the models and the textures
    The UV Mappng is still messed up tho.

    Female Xeno Head Armor
    [Image: 33623006zp.jpg]
    [Image: 33623005uh.png]

    Palico Xeno Body Armor
    [Image: 33623009mb.jpg]
    [Image: 33623010nz.jpg]

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    I submitted voice clips of information from Scooby-Doo Ancient Adventure for the V.Flash to The Sounds Resource. However, I decided to cancel my submission of it and resubmit it with an icon, which it didn't originally come with. I then tried to submit it again, with an icon, but was unable to resubmit it. How can I resubmit it? If I can't resubmit it, please get the problem fixed.

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    You all are cooking in the Sound Submissions keep up the good work! I love it!

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  • 08/25/18--15:07: Arena of Valor models
  • So I'm not sure if anyone else has ripped
    From this game yet
    But unity studio Opens these models easily
    I'd upload models but I dont have my pc currently

    Was wondering if anyone else has tried though
    I think it would be a good addition to the site
    Especially cuz the models are by the same company
    As league of legends

    All i did to rip them was open the 
    Files from the game on my tablet via usb
    Copy them to my pc
    And open them in unity studio

    This was months ago
    But I think the method is still valid

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  • 08/25/18--16:12: A challenger appears!
  • Hello friends.

    I go by Light. I've been using TSR for ages to get sprites to use for various things, some just for fun or to see what I can put together, some to use as a basis for edits.
    I came here to look mostly at customs/edits, maybe see what I can learn from them. I will post my own from time to time, participate in other forums from time to time, but mostly lurk and see what's going on.

    So hello, and I'll see you around the forums.

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  • 08/25/18--16:47: GDD help
  • I'm trying to rip sprites from D.D. Crew, I know that MAME can't view some or most of the tileviewers in arcade games, but can somebody help me, what palette I need and where do I find it? Note that I found the sprites in GDD.
    [Image: something.png]
    How do I find the palettes of sprites?

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    I hope this first one is ok to post, as I'm aware it is by and large mostly a recolor...

    I recently finished a large-scale color, edit, and cleanup of the Kanto overworld, specifically that of Pokémon Red/Blue/Green. I wasn't a big fan of the tileset used for Yellow/Gen II, so I did this using that of RGB.

    At first I adhered to the 8-bit rule, but ended up ditching it as I went on just to see what I could do. This is really the first large-scale project I've done.

    Here's a link to it, as the image is quite large.

    The second thing I've done to start this thread off is a sprite of my OC, Sophie. The one on the left I'd done ages ago, and the one on the right is an edit of that, trying my hand at sticking to the 15+transparency rule as well as trying out selout.

    .png   Sophie spriting exercises.png (Size: 26.48 KB / Downloads: 2)

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  • 08/25/18--18:48: Sprite in multiple games
  • Hello!

    I was reading through all the rules, and the submission process, but I couldn't find an answer for this anywhere. Very Sad

    I wanted to submit some spritesheets for Digimon Dawn/Dusk, and World Championship, maybe finally get the Lost Evolution and Xros Red/Blue sprites on here as well. However, in the case of the story games, most of the digimon sprites are reused each title, only adding a handful of new ones each games, and a few exclusives.

    Which is why I came here, should I submit them to each game? If so, how would I go about it? I don't want to end up clogging your queue.. Ouch!

    And if not, should I just upload the sprites added in that game? 

    Thank you!

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  • 08/26/18--01:32: (HELP) Glover 2 - Glover rip
  • Hi everyone so my previous post mentioned my N64 WIP model.

    Here's what I'm having trouble with. For one thing I cannot seem to align the model within the center of the Blender grid, no matter what I do I just cannot figure out how to get it moved to where the camera angle won't get screwed over when I zoom in on it.

    Keep in mind: This is the first model I have ever ripped before, it may be rough but that's what happens to all of us on our first time doing something.

    The ZIP file I've provided contains the Blender project file, the textures, the "Thumbs.db" (whatever that does), and most importantly the original WRL file that I dumped from Project 64 in case that is needed.

    .zip   Glover model rip (Size: 995.32 KB / Downloads: 0)

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  • 08/26/18--11:02: Retro64's Model Showrell
  • Here is a page where I will post all my accepted models.
    Before the showcase I would just like to thank everybody who gave me feedback and TMR for accepting my models.
    I really appreciate it, thanks!

    [Image: 25911.png]

    [Image: 25969.png]

    Ramblin' Evil Mushrooms:
    [Image: 25971.png]

    Master Belch
    [Image: 25970.png]

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    Ok so i am totoal noob when it comes to blender.
    I really have no idea how to run script in it.
    I managed to run tools for file decryption and extraction to extract models in pmo format. Now i have to import them in blender script and i really have no idea how to do it.
    Blender scripts HERE.
    Site where i found tools HERE.
    Some models HERE.

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  • 08/26/18--18:47: Need help for android game
  • I'm trying to rip sprites from tales of asteria, but my pc seems unable to read the pnj files when I extracted them. So I don't know what to do with them  

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    Hi everyone, I am working on a little project and require your kind assistance.

    I require sprites from the NPCs for Final Fantasy 6 for ios and Android.

    The page on the Spriters Resource [] contains many of the sprites in very good quality.

    However, I now need sprites for the lesser characters, namely:
    (1) Duncan, (2) Rachel, (3) Gungho, (4) Madeline, (5) Esper elder, (6) Baram, (7) Darill, (8) Elayne, (9) Owain, (10) King of Doma [in his top-view dying position in the throne room]

    My requirements are that:
    (1) They need to be 'crisp' [not from screenshots] and preferably on a plain background [not on in-game background],
    (2) They should be the normal facing-towards-the-screen position [not side view]

    I do not have much experience in extracting sprite info from games, but I hope that I can get some help from you, lovely people.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Does anyone have Sonic French, Italian, German, Spanish and Japanese Voice Clips?

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