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  • 08/28/18--11:34: Retro64's Rips
  • Hello this is just a tread to show off my rips. This probably isn't going to be updated often since I am more of an artist than a ripper, but if/when I do I'll post it here!
    To start of here's my first ever rip! The Famicom Disk System Mascot Diskun from the last official FDS game Janken Disk Jo (JPN).

    .png   diskun_final.png (Size: 1.44 KB / Downloads: 20)

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    MarioWiki needs it

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  • 08/28/18--13:48: Sun and Moon Models
  • I would like to get some pokemon models that I cant find anywhere on line from these games. I know nothing of ripping, and cant get Ohana3DS to work at all, and spica wont even launch for me. Im not sure where to even start, much less what to do about my issues

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  • 08/28/18--19:47: Changing Profile pic
  • So I have been on this site for a while and I am loving it but i can't figure out how to change my profile picture. Can I get some help plz? thanks!

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    me and a friend have been trying to rip textures properly from the new boku no hero academia game, ones justice for multiple hours now and we just can't figure it out. we can get the textures properly exported but they have the swizzle encoding thing that i've seen people talk about on them. we've been searching for a long time and we haven't been able to find a solution/way to "un-swizzle" the textures. is there anything out there that can help us? 

    here's examples of what i mean:

    [Image: UmxIOYg.png] [Image: 4wb4nOY.png]

    any help is appreciated greatly! thank you Heart

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  • 08/29/18--12:30: Puterboy1's Sounds
  • I had such high hopes that all of my sounds that I had submitted so far would go through the traditional process. But now my privileges have been revoked for the second time this year, I might as well show off my stuff before it is considered for approval and maybe, just maybe, I might get my privileges back, or move on once I have submitted one thousand sounds.

    Wings of War:

    Sound Effects:

    English Dialogue:

    Peter Jackson's King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie:

    Entire sound directory:

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  • 08/29/18--14:24: Jak 3 Music/Sequence Ripping
  • Hey everyone!

    I saw a bit ago that someone was able to rip and convert all of Jak and Daxter TPL's sequence files, and was curious if the same could be done for Jak 3. Of course, this is only assuming that Jak 3 ALSO uses midi sequences. I have the main files extracted, though I have no idea what to do from here. Anyone in the PS2 community willing to help out a novice?

    (The screenshot is Mac, but I have access to both mac and pc when needed)


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  • 08/29/18--17:54: Hello
  • There really isn't much to say, but hi.

    I'm here for models for me to use for VRChat and well... I have already done so with F-Zero models, Arwings, and the Feisar from WipEout HD for worlds that I've made.

    So I do want to thank the following:
    Electropolitan for the F-Zero GX tracks
    Peardian for the F-Zero machines from both Melee/X (Already added in my worlds) and Brawl/GX (Soon to be added in my worlds) and also the Arwing in Brawl
    TomixNscale89 for the Star Fox: Assault Arwing
    DemonBoy for the WipEout HD Feisar

    I do look forward to more of F-Zero machines (AX machines remain), F-Zero tracks, more from WipEout, and hopefully I see Hydro Thunder and Fast Racing models soon.

    Thank you.  Smile

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    Hi! recently ive been trying to rip models from as the title implies, Rogue Squadron 2.
    A Gamecube Star Wars title by Factor 5.

    I found a quickBMS script to extract the .DAT files from the root of the "Rogue2" folder on the disc.
    [Image: unknown.png]
    This worked like a charm and managed to get everything into that "Extract" folder.

    Buuuuut there's more DAT files inside that the script won't work with.
    Here's just one of said DAT files that won't work with the script.

    You can find the script here.
    If anyone can help out that would be greatly appreciated  Big Grin

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    I've been trying to find a way to locate the 3D Models/meshes of the game "Freedom Wars" from PS Vita for quite some time. I've actually managed to open the game file itself and managed to find the textures (which, I assume are in .emb files as there's a folder named "decals" filled it), but for the life of me, I can't find the meshes.

    There are a lot (surprise xD) of files in the files, but I think these might help you guys a bit:
    .emb files, presumably the textures.
    .emm files
    .nmd files
    .nsk files (I have a feeling this are the meshes, but I'm not so sure)

    There's also a shader folder with three (3) .emz files.

    I feel like I'm close to finding the meshes themselves. Like, I found the .lua files for the behaviors of AIs in the game and the sounds used in it, so I'm pretty the models are just somewhere there. I did my fair share of research and found that "Dragon Ball: Xenoverse" also uses .emb texture files in its game files, but sadly, there aren't any .emd files for the meshes in Freedom Wars. There are a lot of .nsk files though.

    I'm hoping you guys will be able to help me with this one.

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  • 08/30/18--12:08: [Blender] Runway dog
  • [Image: L3wXtDF.png]
    Model / Render - Me
    Character - Nintendo, HAL, Shigesato itoi

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    Does anybody think they can port the Skyrim Switch Zelda gear to pc? or just rip the models please? I REALLY want that on the pc. Any help would be greatly greatly appreciated. Or if one could tell me how to do so that would be great, though I do not have the game.

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  • 08/31/18--04:44: Hello!
  • I go by the nickname Enlain and I ACTUALLY go by the name Basil, outside the internet. I like making games, if I can. I'm a fan of many games, especially the Spider-Man games, Kid Icarus Uprising (except I didn't play it but i really want to), and FNaF. I make games in Clickteam Fusion, and will make some in Unreal Engine once I'll have enough skills and a better computer. (i have a weak laptop for now because i'm poor) I like editing models and making simple models in Blender. I'm a HUGE fan of Ashley from the WarioWare franchise. (sorry if you hate lolis) In fact, I have a model edit of her released (Well, not here, obviously.) and soon will release a Nintendo 64 styled model that I and my friend Azagwen worked on.

    Hopefully I'll meet good people here!

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    Does anyone know how to rip sounds from Neo Geo games?
    I'm surprised no one still haven't do that.

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    So, Nintendo has been getting kind of scary/shitty with how they treat fanworks, and I worry they may come for us next. So, I might as well ask, anyone else think we should contact the Electronic Freedom Foundation to see if we could get them in our corner to sue if that's the case?

    Because, recent legal cases have shown that an IP holder must consider fair use before indulging in a DMCA strike, and Nintendo clearly hasn't at all, so I think somebody needs to stand up to their persecution of fanwork and archival. And I think, if that dark day comes, that somebody could be us, if we had an organization dedicated to such things like the EFF in our corner!

    So, who in charge of these various sites would be the best person to go to them with that proposal, and do you think it'd be a good idea to start preparing for this now?

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    Hello, I wonder if someone could help me with my problem, I got some models of the game in steam, in .mdl format and pass to .obj
    I understand that games with as much quality as this has the original model and one with fewer vertices because of the distance
    My problem is that the models bring within themselves these models with fewer vertices, but the model is added to the original by the same vertices [Image: %5Bcolon%5D(.gif] 
    My question is, does anyone know how to separate the models? Or could someone help me do it?  [Image: icon_rolleyes.gif]

    Pdt: I did not extract the models  Tongue

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    I'm stuck on the model ripp from two PC valve's games for Vr, and i really need help to find a solution...

    The First game are "Robot Repair" from "The Lab" for Htc vive, the second one are "Moondust" for the new Knuckles EV2 VR controller.

    I have succefully estract all the audio and textures from both the games, but i cant solve the model/mesh issues.

    For the "Robot repair" the issue is the conversion of the models from the source engine 2 format, that results just in some broken mesh very messy.

    For "Moondust" that runs on Unity, the problem is that the assets bundle extractor can't recognize the mesh format, so can't estract the model in to a .obj or .dae model.
    I dont' have the VR hardware on pc, because is expensive,
    so i can't use things like ninjaripper, because i can't play the game...

    ...Also i miss where are the "Slingshot" game files
    on "the Lab" for unknow reasons.

    I really hope that someone can help me.

    Ps. On portal 2 i have problem to rip the "experiments" on the tables in the "science themed" room, if someone can help me on that too.

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    .png   Betrayous_WIP2.png (Size: 237.45 KB / Downloads: 7)

    Here's some progress that I've made. There's still somethings that I need to do tho

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    Like, come on! Why have I been waiting since 12/29/15!!! Why!?!

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    As the title says I'm thinking of playing my first Metriod game.
    Which one should I start with?
    I currently own only the original and Super Metriod (From my NES & SNES classic) however I am open to trying some other ones as well.

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