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The VG Resource - https://www.vg-resource.com

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  • 09/01/18--14:36: Waluigi MP2 Costumes
  • All right, guys. After my Waluigi Mystery Land model was approved (https://www.models-resource.com/custom_e...del/25450/), I've gotten mostly positive feedback. So I'm going to make the rest of the Mario Party 2 Costumes for Waluigi.

    Please understand that getting each edit to look just right isn't always easy, so it could be a while before I finish another one.

    This image shows my folders for each costume. I will update it as I complete them and get them approved. In short, a zip file means I'm finished, whereas an open folder means I'm still working on it.
    [Image: 8hZi8Zm.png]

    Current Project: Western Land

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    Quote that started it all: 

    (04-08-2018, 11:42 PM)Friedslick6 Wrote: Presuming you're running on Windows:
    • Install a copy of ImageMagick.
    • Save the following to a batch file (.BAT extension) in the directory containing the .DDS textures:
      @CD /D %~dp0%@magick mogrify -format png *.dds@DEL *.dds
    • Run the batch file and wait for it to convert the .DDS textures into .PNG.
    • To optionally optimise each texture (reducing file size), download PNGOUT to the directory.
    • Save the following to another batch file in the directory containing the new .PNG textures::
      @CD /D %~dp0%@FOR /R %%A IN (*.png) DO PNGOUT "%%A" "%%A" /y
    • Run the batch file and wait for it to optimise the .PNG textures.
    File extensions can be fixed in post by find-and-replace on the exported plaintext model
    Changing the extensions inside of Blender can be done automatically with the assistance of this Python script I found, credit to Photox.
    Copy the following into the "scripting" layout's code window within Blender, then press the "Run" button below it:
    import bpy

    # the main looping code snippet is modified from
    # https://blender.stackexchange.com/questions/80773/how-to-get-the-name-of-image-of-image-texture-with-python

    print('Starting the replacer script....')

    texture_list = []
    count_replaced_files = 0

    find_chars = 'dds'
    replace_chars = 'png'

    for obj in bpy.context.scene.objects:
        for s in obj.material_slots:
            if s.material and s.material.use_nodes:
                for n in s.material.node_tree.nodes:
                    if n.type == 'TEX_IMAGE':
                        texture_list += [n.image]
                        #print(obj.name,'uses',n.image.name,'saved at',n.image.filepath)
                        if find_chars in n.image.name:
                            count_replaced_files += 1
                            old_name = n.image.name
                            new_name = n.image.name
                            new_name = new_name.replace(find_chars,replace_chars)
                            n.image.name = new_name
                            info_string = old_name + ' has been replaced with ' + new_name
    print('File were replaced')


    So i did that and all the textures were inverted (hue). I could convert every NORMAL map correctly, by modulating the hue by 166.6% twice, but the other textures are all everywhere. One texture is correct when modulated 200%, one is like 110%, others are all wonky and everything. Is there a way to get the original color encoding and just simply convert to PNG with it? the DDSes are the right colors.
    this model has been dormant on my hard drive for months.
    I use Windows btw. Attatched are my current files after modulating them all who knows what. All 3 of these were modulated the same amount. Like 166.6% twice or something. help

    .png   BackgroundBuildings_Alb.png (Size: 9.06 KB / Downloads: 3)

    .png   FloorEarthBrown_Nrm.png (Size: 124.05 KB / Downloads: 3)

    .png   Plaza1on1Panel_Alb.png (Size: 80.14 KB / Downloads: 2)

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  • 09/01/18--18:19: Custom Sprites
  • Here are some Earthbound/Mother-inspired sprites.  I wantes to see your opinions on them and how I can improve.

    .png   Thingamajig.png (Size: 819 bytes / Downloads: 3)

    .png   Slump Bear.png (Size: 949 bytes / Downloads: 3)

    .png   Dragon Butler.png (Size: 1.71 KB / Downloads: 3)

    .png   Faux Mushroom.png (Size: 1.13 KB / Downloads: 3)

    .png   Burrowing Giraffe.png (Size: 717 bytes / Downloads: 3)

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    i have all files but is encrypted, but in the files have 7za.exe .
    Can't not extract by 7z.

    Can you help me?
    Once I had the program to extract the files I will publish them in. model resource
    Any can help me? 

    thanks for watch!

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  • 09/02/18--16:52: DSA files in DS games?
  • Ok, so I was trying to rip some files from Hello Kitty: Big City Dreams, I was trying to rip the character models, but all of the sudden I came out to this file format .DSA and .DSAS, I have no clue what is wrong, can someone help me?

    EDIT: I forgot to mention the .DSIMG files and there's now a picture about this problem, captured with Bandicam.

    .jpg   bandicam 2018-09-02 18-56-39-547.jpg (Size: 111.49 KB / Downloads: 6)

    Warnning: Do NOT Get Caught While Searching!!
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    Before you searching always remember to change your IP adress to not be followed!
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    This has been driving me crazy. I've got a program that views them, but fails to export the objs properly no matter what I do. The program is SAMDL which is easily downloaded elsewhere. Apparently there exists a program just called 'SA2MDL' that used to be popular but I can not find a single operating download link for. So I was hoping someone here could come up with a convenient and easy way to convert these to something useful.


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  • 09/03/18--11:40: How to rip from 3DS?
  • More specifically I'd like to rip from "Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam".

    Do I need a real 3DS t it?

    More specifically than it, the models of the papercrafts.

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    Hi all. Just wondering if any of you lovely people could help me out. Im looking to extract the 3d models from the android app Spiderman Unlimited. In fact im looking for one model. The Little Venom model and its textures. Could anyone help me in this area please?

    [Image: search?q=little+venom&oq=little+venom&aq...vVxm7pXEM:]

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    Read this first: https://www.vg-resource.com/thread-34001.html

    If you read it how can I rip models from Hello Kitty Big City Dreams for DS? Embarassed

    Also I made it pending so if I know how to rip them, I will upload them.

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  • 09/04/18--04:15: [PAID!] Daytona Hornet Car
  • Hi all,

    I'm in urgent need of the assets for the Daytona Hornet Car, ideally from the SEGA Model 2 arcade version of the game.

    However, the version used in All-Stars Racing would be a good start for me. 

    Happy to pay someone for their time to rip this so I can use it with textures. 


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    Recently I had ripped Diskun for the game Janken Disk Jo https://www.spriters-resource.com/nes/jankendiskjojpn/
    However after the game was accepted I realized that

    1. The game is actually called Janken Disk Jō not Janken Disk Jo
    2. It also has another name as well being Janken Disk Shiro
    My question is should we keep the name the way it is, add the accent mark, or add both names with a slash in between?

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  • 08/31/18--04:44: Hello!
  • I go by the nickname Enlain and I ACTUALLY go by the name Basil, outside the internet. I like making games, if I can. I'm a fan of many games, especially the Spider-Man games, Kid Icarus Uprising (except I didn't play it but i really want to), and FNaF. I make games in Clickteam Fusion, and will make some in Unreal Engine once I'll have enough skills and a better computer. (i have a weak laptop for now because i'm poor) I like editing models and making simple models in Blender. I'm a HUGE fan of Ashley from the WarioWare franchise. (sorry if you hate lolis) In fact, I have a model edit of her released (Well, not here, obviously.) and soon will release a Nintendo 64 styled model that I and my friend Azagwen worked on.

    Hopefully I'll meet good people here!

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    Does anyone know how to rip sounds from Neo Geo games?
    I'm surprised no one still haven't do that.

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