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  • 10/09/18--10:10: How i do extract .zda file?
  • Hello everyone! I'm new here! Do anyone know how to extract .zda file? The .zda files are used in Giana's Return (A Giana Sisters fangame) which the files contain the sprites, sound effects, musics, levels and other stuff. Anyone can help me?

    Here's the file :

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  • 10/09/18--14:47: dos games rip
  • how do I rip the sounds from earlier windows games like alone in the dark 3. What tool should I use?

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    When i use DDDAtool i get a .241F5DEB file

    But when i use arctool i get a .0000000 file

    Is there anything else i can do to extract Monster hunter 3 ultimate models?

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  • 10/09/18--23:30: Lego Models.
  • I normally only post spritework on here, but there's an 'other creativity' thread, so I might as well at least tease some models I've made.

    So here are some Star Trek-inspired models! You can probably recognize the more iconic classes of ship.

    .png   Star Trek Battle Group-01.png (Size: 353.5 KB / Downloads: 0)

    .jpg   1539150344m_DISPLAY.jpg (Size: 38.08 KB / Downloads: 1)

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    So i've been trying to rip Traverse town and im having no luck. I know someone has ripped the first district but I'm trying to rip second and third district. I've tried NinjaRipper and no luck. I tried 3d ripper dx but that has never worked for me. Even 3dvia printscreen but that doesnt work anymore for me.

    Does anyone have any ideas

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    All the ones I've found seem to have dead links, outdated and/or missing information. I'm interested in ripping some weapons and stages from Kid Icarus: Uprising, I have the game digitally but I've broken my laptop to the point of it not being able to read SD cards.

    I was just wondering if anyone had a tutorial that's at least sorta easy to follow?

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    Since I plan to get into the community more, I was wondering if there are any rules about submissions located around here specifically about Models Resource. Rules like what file format the models must be, whether or not they should be rigged or not. Or do I just have to wait for a submission to be accepted/rejected?

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    I am planning on posting Undertale colored sprites to Undertale's Custom/Edited page on the Spriter's Resource. I just have one question. Would taking the same sheet, making small edits and coloring it in count as copying and give me a warning?

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  • 10/10/18--14:34: Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon
  • I know a lot of people have been trying to rip dark moon, but the attempts seem to have died down a little. Does anyone have any advice or ways to rip dark moon models yet?

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    I have been trying to Rip the APK for JoJo's Pitter-Patter Pop! for the past 2 hours and I have tired my best, but just can't do it. I mainly for the sprites of the characters so i could post them up on spriters resource and use them to make CC for Attorney Online. Could anyone help me?!HR5g0AYB!7GeFx72Hjc30G...4lMvLrNrj8

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    Hi, I am trying to extract all sprites from Sonic bts.


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    Hello everyone, 

    I hope this isn't against the rules, but I wanted to share a resource I found valuable. 

    MoCap Online makes really high quality motion capture animation packs for a wide variety of platforms (Unity, Unreal, FBX, Cry Engine, etc.). They also have free demo and test packs so you can try before buying.  

    They are having a Halloween sale, and all of their animations are 30% off. Plus, they have some great deals on scared, death, and zombie animation bundle packs to celebrate the holiday!

    Here is the URL if you're interested:

    I hope you guys find this valuable.

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  • 10/12/18--01:21: Luigi's mansion 3ds remake
  • has anyone figured out how to rip this yet?

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    Hello good night, here again with another question, I have extracted some files from the game of android and I have found a spritesheet and I would like to know how to build it, it has some .plist files that indicate where each frame of the image is, but I want to know where the animation is or with what program to open it, these files have a .json but when viewing it they are indexes, but I found some files with extension .bobj, I would like to know with what program I can see it, Thanks

    .zip (Size: 839.39 KB / Downloads: 0)

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    OK so I have wanted to rip from luigi's mansion dark moon for a while but i heard it was impossible because an unrecognized file format but i've heard from a few people who have ripped from it but said it was hard I would like to know if it really is possible

    Any help?

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