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    It's a crossover fighting game for the android featuring Nickeloden series such as Spongebob,Hey Arnold,Invader Zim,The Loud House,etc.

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    Hey, i'm new to the forums so forgive me if i've done something wrong. But i'm trying to rip the 3D Models from MegaMan battle and chase. I had many issues trying to get any files from the PSX standalone game, but i was able to get some .MAG files from the MegaMan X Collection on the gamecube. If anyone knows anything about ripping from .MAG or gamecube/psx ripping or simply has already done this, please let me know! I can provide .MAG files upon request.

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    The sound files from DOA5 LR in DATA and DATA2 folders are encrypted.
    Can anyone help me out?

    .zip   IGIG_[AD1]7B9]61BHJ0NQB87R{ (Size: 87.15 KB / Downloads: 3)

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    Im do not know what i can doing here so i just submit my art here OK? How i can display Image!?

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    I need help, I extracted some .bytes files of the game and I open them with Unity, but it says "no child" and I can not extract mesh or texture ... I need help

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    I asked for some help in this thread last March, but I didn't get any help, or a reply. And I can't delete the original thread. So, I'm going to try again for attention.


    As you may have known, I have submitted sprites and sounds from Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff into tSoR and tSR. However, I need help importing LTA files into Blender, and I already know the location of the game's "static" archive of the TinyCo website.

    First off, for example, I'm going to submit a PNG file I downloaded from the archive, of Stewie Griffin traveling to a friend's Quahog.

    [Image: f2GmaOO.png]

    Next, I'm going to link the LTA file that goes with the PNG.


    I know there's a way to import LTA into 3DSMax, but I don't have that program; I use Blender.


    Doesn't anyone have a Blender script I can use to import LTAs into Blender?

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    I tried at one point to rip Pokemon X and Y animations from the Overworld models. I was able to rip the models fine through Ohana3DS, I found I can view the animations through SPICA, but I haven't been able to rip the animations with either, since Ohana3DS doesn't recognize them and SPICA can't rip the animations properly. If anyone knows how to properly rip them, tell me. I'd really appreciate it. I tried each method I knew of, but I'm not sure if I tried every tool, there may be one I don't know of.

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  • 10/24/18--15:53: Email Notifications
  • I was thinking it'd be cool to get email notifications whenever any of the VG resource sites gets an update, or to choose specifically which of them you'd like to follow. then I'm not disappointed if I go to check each site and don't see an update, and I don't forget about it and totally miss an update. 

    just a thought I thought might be worth mentioning.

    yay or nay?

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    when I export the super mario galaxy models with bmdview2, the textures are in .tga files, how do I convert them to .png

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    So before I begin, I have been on hiatus from this wonderful website and in that time spent way too much time being grilled on 4chan, weirding out family members on facebook, and making people on pixiv feel awkward.

    So let me be the first to say if you think this place is bad? no It's actually great compared to the rest of the internet.
    Kudos for being one of the last remaining active old school style forums (that I care to be still be a part of)

    When I started here on teh old vgr

    I sprited like this:
    [Image: monk.e.gif]<10/30/2005>
    [Image: zoloahroun.gif]<5/27/2006>
    [Image: info_across2.png]<7/16/2006>
    [Image: cex.gif] <8/25/2006>
    [Image: laidback.gif] <10/27/2006>
    Finished High School as a senior class of 2010,
    started college
    [Image: doeeyesslowdance.png]<3/9/2012>
    [Image: 153281667636256869.png]<9/22/2014>
    [Image: j4ifi7w3.png]<10/17/2015>
    [Image: jesusfinal.png]<1/15/2016>
    [Image: imageedit_1_7197886802.png]<1/4/2018>
    graduated may 2018 with my bachelors degree in art  

    and here we are <10/20/18> !
    Back to VGR
    I'm really hoping to get back into spriting so I'll keep you all posted in this thread

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    I don't really post that much here, primarily just lurking every now & then, but...
    I've been trying to rip the models/animations/etc from Lethal League Blaze, but almost every Unity extractor I've tried has failed when it comes to the models & animations. I've had success with some textures & sounds, but that's about it. I've tried Unity Asset Bundle Extractor, Unity Assets Explorer, Unity Studio, UnityEX, & something else that required a license to really do anything, (not that I expected it to work either,) but all of them have turned up similar results of either failing completely, or only getting a very partial, unusable extraction.

    If anyone's familiar with Unity assets & such, or would be willing to point me in the right direction for this sort of thing, I'd be more than grateful.

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    So, looking through here and finding out that this is indeed a thing, what is the usual/going market prices/price ranges for model-ripping commissions?

    I'm not quite capable of doing it myself, but friends of mine could possibly use that as an alternate revenue stream, and it'd probably be super useful to get a general idea of such!

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    when I opened the mario model from super mario galaxy in bmdview2, his eyes are white
    but when I see photos and videos of the model, the eyes are black or normal
    [Image: QMLRRCV.jpg])
    [Image: jknzj2m.jpg])

    why does that happen?
    is it the version of bmdview2 I have?

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    Is there any command-line tools what would allow me to convert .mini2sf files from nintendo ds to Wav format, or another lossless format? Foobar2000 is able to play these through the vio2sf plugin. I could use foobar2000 to manually convert all the mini2sf to wav, but the resulting files would be x4 times bigger.

    Either a command-line tool or a C/C++ library would do the job(Python too, since there's a python to exe compiler if I recall) since I don't want to be stuck to a specific audio player(foobar or winamp)
    Heart for the suggestions

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  • 10/26/18--02:41: Lurker's First Post
  • Hello I've been using this site for years (and spriting even longer!)

    After all these years, today I decided to make an account. It all started during a spell of insomnia in which I finished some Mario edits. Given that my account is about 20 minutes old I have a few questions of course. Like what kind of edits are appropriate, how to categorize them, and how to even upload them.

    If anyone could help I'd greatly appreciate it.

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  • 10/26/18--05:47: hello
  • Hi,
    I just discovered vg ressource,i'm a rigger and animator.Currently working on a toon link rig from hyrule warriors.
    Thanks for all those models.I really look forward to see if someone rip all the first gen from the upcoming Pokemon Let's Go.

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  • 10/26/18--08:33: .bytes, .cpk and others ?
  • Hello everyone, I'm trying to extract some models from the game JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Diamond Records, but I only find files with extension .bytes, .cpk and other files without extension with names like "4f300aa2b36ca9b45a590b90ea9c840b" ... someone to guide me, with which program or how can I get the MESH and Textures


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